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Welcome to the SPRING SUMMER 2017 issue of Pennsylvania Physician. PAMED is the powerful voice for physicians in the state.

On Page 24 we cover the Pennsylvania Superior Court Review of a decision in medical malpractice case.

And an intriguing read for physicians on 26 where we address unconscious bias and how it plays a role in how we interpret important clues in the history and physical exam of a patient.

Check out page 32 where PAMED calls for financial transparency related to MOC that addresses issues of significant and continuing concern to physicians.

Want to know the latest on the Care Centered Collaborative and MACRA? See page 34 for PAMED’s new subsidiary offering practical tools to help Pennsylvania physicians survive and thrive in value-based care.

Questions? Please contact our Knowledge Center at 855-PAMED4U (855-726-3348). Enjoy the reading, and please offer feedback and suggest new ideas to explore at Looking to advertise in the next issue of PA Physician?

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