You Have a Voice In These Unprecedented Times…

PAMED membership amplifies the physician's voice. Our members can articulate their opinions and thoughts through a number of different outlets.


Ask the Chair

MantioneBoardChair (1)Dr. John R. Mantione chairs the Board of Trustees and is happy to hear from you. Have a question specific to a board action or how the board operates? Please connect with Dr. Mantione. Any member may submit an official request to the Board of Trustees for an issue to be taken up. That request can be made by sending detailed background and your ask to Dr. Mantione.

Ask the Chair

House of Delegates

The HOD meets annually, and is PAMED's policymaking body. There are several ways for members' voices to Be Heard:

Visit House of Delegates Site 

House of Delegate Resolution Feedback

At the 2023 Pennsylvania Medical Society House of Delegates several resolutions were referred back to the PAMED's Board of Trustees for decision or study. PAMED Members can provide feedback, which will be considered official testimony, on each item. This Information will be shared directly with the Board members when they address this topic. Click here for more information on the resolution and provide your feedback: 

May 2024 Board Meeting Discussion: 
Deadline to provide feedback to the Board: April 1, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Resolution 23-214: Encouraging Oncologists to Educate Patients about Next Generation Sequencing
  • Resolution 23-302: Improving Access to Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring for High-Risk Pre-, Peri-, and Post-Partum Birthing Individuals Across the State of Pennsylvania
  • Resolution 23-304: Support for Expanded Access and Further Research of Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies
  • Resolution 23-305: Support for Implementation of Community Health Workers into Care Teams
August 2024 Board Meeting Discussion:
Deadline to provide feedback to the Board: July 7, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Resolution 23-101: Equitable Apportionment of Voting Delegates
  • Resolution 23-102: PAMED House of Delegates Composition
  • Resolution 23-104: Establishment of a PAMED Senior Section
  • Resolution 23-402: Encourage Transplant Programs to Publish Organ Transplantation Eligibility Criteria
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Task Force on Cultural Diversity

SheethPennsylvania Medical Society's (PAMED) Health Diversity Task Force's focus is to create a culture of diversity and inclusion within PAMED and the Commonwealth of
PA by providing educational opportunities and resources that improve understanding and awareness of the effects
of racism and discrimination in healthcare and create change through policy to carry out the mission of The Society. They welcome your input, thoughts, and questions.

Connect with the Chair of the Health Diversity Task Force


Connect with Your Trustee

The Board of Trustees meets several times each year to address current challenges and upcoming issues facing medicine. You can see who is representing you, make an official request of the board of trustees, ask about board actions or initiatives, or simply connect with your trustee.

Connect with Your Trustee

Special Sections

PAMED has several sections made up of physicians or students like yourself. Wish to connect with the leadership of a section?

PAMED Sections

General Questions or Inquiries

Don't know who to ask for? We are here to help! PAMED's Knowledge Center can take your call between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm most business days. They can be reached at 800-228-7823 or KnowledgeCenter@pamedsoc.org.

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COVID-19 Questions, Ideas, and Thoughts

We know COVID-19 has upended the way you practice medicine and we're working on keeping you abreast of the changing issues. Have a question or thought regarding COVID-19? Tell us about it.

COVID-19 Questions

PAMED Membership Questions

Our Member Liaisons are also happy to talk with you about your membership benefits and help find needed resources. Contact the Knowledge Center.


The physician leadership and staff of PAMED continues to be here for our members during this crisis. Don't hesitate to reach out through any of our channels for support, resources, or needs.