2021 Resolutions & Online Written Testimony

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These interim reports are based on existing testimony and supporting documentation. You may provide additional testimony on the original resolution to be considered by the members of the 2021 HOD Reference Committee or the Bylaws Committee in producing their final reports.

Online Written Testimony Closes Thursday, Oct. 14 at 5 p.m.

HOD 2021 Resolutions


Res. 21-201 - Syringe service programs

Res. 21-202 - Household air pollution and childhood asthma

Res. 21-203 - Doulas

Res. 21-204 - Cultural competency training

Res. 21-205 - Syringe exchange programs

Res. 21-206 - WPSI

Res. 21-207 - Women's health educators

Res. 21-208 - Sexual Orientation in EMR

Res. 21-209 - Racial equity and SarsCov2 spike protein

Res. 21-301 - Corporate practice of medicine

Res. 21-302 - Remove opposition to single-payer health care

Res. 21-303 - Non-medical switching

Res. 21-304 - Medicaid reform

Res. 21-305 - Remove Pennsylvania Medical Society Opposition to Single Payer

Res. 21-401 - Industrial livestock

Res. 21-402 - Pro-competition clause for MOC

Res. 21-403 - Retention Efforts via Tuition Advocacy for IN-state Trainees

Res. 21-404 - Expanded Access to Buprenorphine

Res. 21-405 - Titular Transparency

Res. 21-406 - Staffing requirements in nursing homes

Res. 21-407 - Medical Use of Psilocybin

Res. 21-408 - Ban on Menthol Tobacco Products

Res. 21-409 - PAMED Support for Women's Reproductive Rights

Res. 21-410 - Imported Beef

Res. 21-501 - Creating a New Reference Committee Dealing with Finances

Res. 21-502 - Data Sharing and Intake

Res. 21-503 - Membership Dues

Res. 21-504 - Sale and Construction of PA MED Headquarters Building

Res. 21-505 - CCC Transparency and HOD Oversight Responsibility

Res. 21-506 - AMA Report on Physician Responsibilities to Impaired Colleagues

Res. 21-507 - Documentation of PAMED Endorsements

Res. 21-508 - Virtual HOD Participation

HOD 2021 Memorial Resolutions