In light of the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Board of Trustees made the difficult decision to cancel the face-to-face meeting of the 2020 House of Delegates in Hershey. Plans for an alternative remote meeting format are tentatively targeted for the same weekend of October 24-25, 2020.  Details are still being developed using possible virtual platforms with helpful input from a Speakers’ Advisory Panel.  Click Here to Read More 


Informational Reports/ORB

The following reports and information, which are not acted on by the House of Delegates, are intended to provide background and context for those attending the meeting.

Materials will be posted as they become available. 

2020 Speakers' Letter

2020 HOD Delegate Allocations

Preliminary Call to the Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates

2018-2019 PAMED Bylaws

2019-2020 Policy Compendium

2019 AMA Delegation List

2019 Full Election Manual

2019 House Actions Report

Election Results for PAMED HOD 2019 Saturday Election

HOD Proceedings 

2019 Official Call

2019 One Page Election Guide

2019 Order of Business (Saturday & Sunday)

2019 Order of Business (Sunday) FINAL

Proposed Amendments to Standing Rules 

2019 Rules and Credentials Report 

Auditors' Report

Board of Trustees Terms

BOT 1: Resolutions considered by the 2018 House of Delegates

BOT 12: Sunset Policy Review

BOT 4 - 2018: Resolution 17-412 Survey of Healthcare Spending Patterns

Committee to Nominate Delegates and Alternates to the AMA Report

Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the Pennsylvania Medical Society

Executive Vice President HOD Speech

Ex Officio Members (Voting)

Ex Officio Members (Non-Voting)

Executive Vice President Report

Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society Report

HOD Procedures Book

Members Eligible for Election to the Judicial Council

Memorial Resolution - Buerger

Memorial Resolution - Grandon

Necrology Report

PAMED Membership Figures Map


Parliamentary Procedures Chart

Pennsylvania Delegation to the AMA Report

Pennsylvania Medical Society Presidents

2019 Reference Committees 

Speakers' Letter to the Rules and Credentials Committee

Seating Plan for the 2019 House

Secretary's Report

Speakers' PAMPAC Report

Treasurer's Report