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Advocacy Wins

PAMED continues to advocate on a host of fronts with regard to COVID-19. Please click on our Advocacy and Action button at to learn more.

Success! Retired physicians may return to work

PAMED requested that the Department of State, Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs allow active-retired physicians be temporarily permitted to return to active unrestricted status and that all requirements that typically must be fulfilled by an applicant seeking to return to active practice be waived. We also asked for waivers with regard to volunteering and continuing medical education requirements.

Success! Governor Wolf creates PPE portal

PAMED asked Gov. Wolf to direct funding to purchase PPEs for practices and facilities that need it. Gov. Wolf took a good first step to addressing this crisis by creating the Critical Medical Supplies Procurement Portal to source the most needed medical supplies. Visit Procurement Portal.

Success! Governor Wolf announced the COVID-19 Working Capital Access Program

PAMED asked that the state provide financial relief for medical practices who are overwhelmed with significantly increased costs and substantially reduced revenue, in order to avoid closure. While not nearly enough, Gov. Wolf did provide $60 million in funding through the COVID-19 Working Capital Access Program.

If you are a member, thank you for your continued support. If you are not a member and wish to support PAMED’s ongoing advocacy efforts on behalf of physicians across the state, please join