Check out what physicians are saying about the proposed venue rule changes

If we allow attorneys to start venue shopping in order to increase their jury awards, our malpractice rates will go through the roof, and we will not be able to recruit new physicians to the area.
Margaret Burns, MD, OB-GYN, Delaware County, Pa.

It’s going to make my decision to stay in my home state a lot more difficult than it needs to be.
Anis Adnani, medical student, Scranton, Pa.

I am the only hand surgeon serving a six-county area. Who is going to come to Pa. to replace me?
Andrew Gurman, MD, Altoona, Pa.

We seek to raise the health of our state and care for our citizens to the best of our ability. It becomes contentious and adversarial when the path to a lawsuit is made easy without regard to appropriateness regarding actual negligence.
Lia Logio, MD, Philadelphia.

“In 2002, this same issue forced the closing of our Philadelphia office on its 50th year anniversary. Those most in need lost me as their physician.
Richard Leshner, MD, Langhorne, Pa.

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