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PAMED Everyday Hero Award

Do you know a Pennsylvania physician who goes above and beyond in helping patients?  These physicians likely would say “I’m just doing my job,” but as a colleague or a patient, you see things differently? If so, the Pennsylvania Medical Society encourages you to nominate one or more physicians to be our next PAMED Everyday Hero.

What are the award rules?

In general, the PAMED Everyday Hero Award is open to any PAMED member who through the eyes of colleagues and patients goes above and beyond in providing patient care.

Click here to read the full list of rules for the Everday Hero Award 

Past winners

In 2018, PAMED will begin honoring our Everyday Heroes. One recipient will be named per month (with the exception of October) starting in January.


PAMED accepts nominations for this award throughout the year. Click here to fill out our nomination form  Just visit our nomination form found on this web page. Recipients will be named monthly. Successful candidates will be notified a month prior to being publicly named a recipient. Each will receive a plaque to be presented locally.

If you have any questions about the PAMED Everyday Hero Award, please contact PAMED's Betsy Baker at bbaker@pamedsoc.org.

Nomination Form 


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