The Board of Trustees oversees the operations of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

Board of Trustee Elections

Member delegates vote for new PAMED board members during our annual House of Delegates on Oct. 14, 2017. Members interested in running should follow these steps:

  • Contact your county/specialty society/section leadership to let them know that you are interested in serving in a leadership role; be sure to identify the position of interest. Click here to look up your county medical society.
  • Your county/specialty society/section leadership will determine the timing for your candidacy (i.e. is there currently an open position for which you would be eligible?).
  • Your county/specialty society/section leadership must make a formal recommendation to PAMED by contacting Ellen Yasinski at by July 28, 2017.
  • Upon formal nomination, your name will be announced in PAMED’s Official Call for the appropriate House of Delegates Meeting on Aug. 1, 2017.

Expectations for PAMED Leaders (PDF)

In the videos below, members shared their thoughts about serving on the PAMED Board of Trustees.

  Dr. Powers and Dr. Christopher

  Dr. Cutler and Dr. Shapiro

  Dr. Rizzo

2016-17 Board of Trustees



Vice President

Charles Cutler, MD, MACP
Internal Medicine

Theodore A. Christopher, MD, FACEP
Emergency Medicine

Danae M. Powers, MD

Immediate Past President

Speaker, House of Delegates

Vice Speaker, House of Delegates

 Scott E. Shapiro, MD
Cardiovascular Disease

John J. Pagan, MD, FACS
General Surgery

John W. Spurlock, MD
General Surgery

District Trustees

District 1 County map

First District

 Lynn Michele Lucas-Fehm, MD, JD

District 2 County map 

Second District


Mark A. Lopatin, MD

District 3 County map  

Third District


Chad P. Walker, DO 

District 4 County Map 

Fourth District


Michael J. Paglia, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology

  District 5 County Map

Fifth District

Heath B. Mackley, MD
Radiation Oncology

  District 6 County Map

Sixth District




                                       Candace Good, MD

  District 7 County Map

Seventh District

James W. Redka, MD
Family Medicine

  District 8 County Map

Eighth District

John Gallagher, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology

  District 9 County map

Ninth District

Erick J. Bergquist, MD, PhD
Board Secretary
Infectious Diseases

District 10 County Map 

Tenth District

Donald C. Brown, MD
General Surgery

  District 11 County Map

Eleventh District

Edward M. Stafford, MD

District 12 County map 

Twelfth District

David A. Talenti, MD
Board Chair 
Email Dr. Talenti

District 13 County Map  

Thirteenth District

Amelia Pare, MD, FACS
Plastic Surgery



Section Trustees

Residents & Fellows Section

Tani Malhotra, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology

International Medical Graduates Section

Bindukumar Kansupada, MD, MBA
Cardiovascular Disease

Early Career Physicians Section

John M. Vasudevan, MD
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Medical Students Section

Michael Loesche
Medical Student

Specialty Trustees

Medical Specialties

Medical Specialties

Surgical Specialties

Surgical Specialties

F. Wilson Jackson, III, MD 


William A. VanDecker, MD

Joseph W. Sassani, MD, MHA

Andrew J. Richards, MD
Colon and Rectal Surgery

Primary Care

Primary Care

Primary Care



Steven A. Shapiro, DO

Dennis L. Gingrich, MD
Family Medicine

Eileen Moser, MD,
Internal Medicine

Cathleen A. Woomert, MD, FACR




At Large

Joseph F. Answine, MD


Michael Feinberg, MD, PhD

Sherry L. Blumenthal, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Walter M. Klein, MD


At Large

AMA Delegation Chair


Edward P. Balaban, DO


James A. Goodyear, MD, FACS
General Surgery