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https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/Home:Learn & Lead:Topics:Leadership Skills<p> <span lang="EN"><img class="ms-rtePosition-2" src="/PublishingImages/Leadership-Skills.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" />PAMED partners with the American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) to provide members with discounts on a variety of webinars, online courses, onsite training, and national conferences. These programs are designed to enhance your skills, build trust, foster communication, strengthen teams, facilitate change, and drive quality.</span></p><p> <span lang="EN">Contact: </span> <span lang="EN">Leslie Howell, (800) 228-7823), ext. 2624, or <a href="mailto:lhowell@pamedsoc.org">lhowell@pamedsoc.org</a></span></p><ul><li> <span lang="EN"><strong><a href="/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/YRA">Year-round leadership academy</a></strong> — Education for physicians and other health care leaders who are candidates for comprehensive leadership training. </span></li><li> <span lang="EN"> <strong> <a href="/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/Faculty%20Led">Online courses</a></strong>— All available online at 20 percent off of AAPL member rates for PAMED members. </span></li><li> <span lang="EN"> <strong> <a href="https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/LeadershipWebinars">Archived webinars</a></strong> — These different hour-long leadership webinars include topics such as leading change, building effective teams, and driving quality.</span></li><li> <span lang="EN"><span lang="EN"><strong><a href="https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/CMOLeadershipSeries">Chief Medical Officers training</a></strong> — Learn specialized leadership expertise for health system chief medical officers, medical directors, VPs for medical affairs, and chiefs of staff. </span></span></li><li> <span lang="EN"> <strong> <a href="/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/National%20Conferences">National leadership conferences</a></strong> — Attend AAPL national conferences at a discounted price of 15 percent off for PAMED members. </span></li><li> <span lang="EN"> <strong> <a href="/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/On%20Site%20Training">Onsite leadership training</a></strong> — Provide your practice or health system physicians with customized, cost-effective training at your location, creating an opportunity for colleagues to collaborate toward common goals. </span></li></ul>



https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/LeadershipReferenceToolPAMED’s Resource Reference Tools Helps You Customize Your Leadership Development<p>​This online, interactive tool helps physicians personalize their leadership development by matching their goals with relevant educational courses.</p>Physicians;#
https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/PathwayCME“Pathway for Improvement” CME Can Make Your Team Stronger<p>​"Pathway for Improvement," PAMED's new interactive CME program and survey tool can help facilitiate conversations that lead to a better work environment and better care for your patients.<br></p>
https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/PathwaysPathway for ImprovementA tool to facilitate conversations and solutionsPhysicians;#Members Only;#
https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/CMOLeadershipSeries​Enhance Your Leadership Skills With PAMED's CMO Leadership Series<p>​Enhance Your Leadership Skills Through CMO Leadership Series. View course listing and locations.</p>Physicians;#
https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/YRAYear-Round Leadership Academy<p>This 10-month program helps physicians build their leadership skills with eight online courses, three day-long live sessions, and 60.5 CME credits.</p>Physicians;#
https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/LeadershipEdOverviewPutting Leadership Education into Practice: CMOs, Private Practitioners, and Hospital-Based Physicians Share Their Stories <p class="MsoNormal">Leadership education is in full swing at the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED). PAMED physicians are talking about how they’re using the skills they’ve learned and applying it in their practice settings. Here’s a look at a cross-section of PAMED leadership education and CME. </p>
https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/LeadershipWebinarsLead Change, Build Teams, and Drive Quality with Leadership Webinars<p>​Members of the Pennsylvania Medical Society can improve their leadership skills through these one-hour leadership webinars.</p>Physicians;#
https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/LeadershipAcademyWebinarCoursesLeadership Academy Webinars: View Course Descriptions<p>Take these AAPL-created webinars. Here is access to the courses and instructions on how to register.</p>Physicians;#Members Only;#
https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/CoreSkillsPhysiciansCore Skills for Physician Leaders - Onsite Training<p>​How can physician teams better collaborate? PAMED's new <em>Core Skills for Physician Leaders</em> series provides a customized, cost effective training at your health care facility.</p>
https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/Faculty LedNational Faculty Lead Self Study and Facilitated Online Learning​These faculty-led courses are available online from PAMED and the American College of Physician ExecutivesPhysicians;#
https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/National ConferencesSave 15 Percent on National Leadership Conferences​PAMED members can get a deep discount on the physician leadership conferences thanks to our collaborative relationship with the American College of Physician ExecutivesPhysicians;#
https://www.pamedsoc.org/learn-lead/topics/leadership-skills/On Site TrainingBring Leadership Training to Your Physicians ​Provide your practice or health system physicians with customized, cost-effective training at your location, creating an opportunity for colleagues to collaborate toward common goals.Physicians;#