The Problem

physicians-meetingBurnout and caregiver fatigue among physicians is a real and immediate issue.

The Solution

According to the American Medical Association, the administrative burden of modern medicine is a root cause of physician burnout. PAMED believes in improving the practice environment for physicians in Pennsylvania. Legislators and regulators can help by recognizing the factors that often lead to “physician burnout” and work to resolve them, or at the very least, lessen their impact.

PAMED Advocacy

Physician wellness is one of PAMED’s 2019 advocacy priorities. We will support legislative proposals that seek to return clinical autonomy to physicians so that they can do what is right for patients rather than what’s in the best interest of insurers. 

  • PAMED President Danae Powers, MD, shared this message with state Representatives at a House Health Committee hearing on barriers to employment in the health care field that was held on March 12, 2019. Read her written testimony.
  • A physician resiliency summit sponsored by the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society was held on June 5 at the Eden Resort in Lancaster. 
  • PAMED is in the process of planning a series of town hall style meetings to be held in late summer or early fall. The focus will be on best practices to help reduce administrative and related burdens. Once dates and locations have been finalized, we will share this information with members.


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