PAMED's Legal Resource Center

The goal of the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Legal Resource Center is to provide quality, timely legal advocacy and resources for member physicians who practice in the Commonwealth. 

On behalf of Pennsylvania physicians, PAMED’s Legal Resource Center provides strong legal advocacy in the courts, legislature, and state government agencies. The Center also provides PAMED members with information and resources about laws and regulations that impact the practice of medicine, in the form of frequently asked questions (FAQs), legal briefs, and webinars. 

Through PAMED’s Knowledge Center, the Legal Resource Center will help members find the appropriate resources to address a myriad of health-law related questions. This is a free service to PAMED members. This service is not available to non-members. 

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Legal Tracking and Advocacy

Legal Tracking and Advocacy Regulatory Advocacy PAMED defends the rights of Pennsylvania physicians in the courts through amicus curiae briefs or directly through litigation. Below are some examples:


Amicus Curiae Briefs
  • Sanctions against defense attorney in medical liability case reversed by PA Superior Court. READ MORE 


  • PA Supreme Court decision in medical liability case has implications for peer review process confidentiality. READ MORE 


  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling on medical liability case impacts how physicians obtain on informed consent. READ MORE 


  • Pa. Superior Court Rules in Medical Liability Case Involving Venue Decision. READ MORE 


Pennsylvania Case Summaries of Physician-Related Litigation
A quick summary of cases before the Pennsylvania Superior and Supreme Court that related to practice of medicine in Pennsylvania

  • Mcare - In 2014, Mcare settled litigation in which the PAMED and other organizations challenged how Mcare calculated its annual assessments and diversion of Mcare funds by the Commonwealth. READ MORE 

Medical Board Assistance

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