Q&A with Kaitlin Nguyen

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Poster Title: Characterization of Retransplantation Following Graft Failure Due to BK Virus Nephropathy

What compelled you to do the research you did on your award-winning poster? Is the content meaningful to you in any way?

I have always had a love for investigation and discovery, so I knew I wanted to get involved in research during medical school. In my first year, I was exposed to the fascinating and complex world of transplantation, including the issue of retransplantation after kidney graft failure due to BK virus nephropathy. Realizing further research on this topic could be truly impactful in many patients’ lives, I worked with Dr. Karhadkar and Dr. Di Carlo at Temple University to shape and develop this project

What (who) inspired you to enter the field of medicine?

Being raised in a medically oriented family, I had early exposure to the field. Many childhood days were spent in my father’s office, where I would page through anatomical drawings and look at what I now know to be echocardiograms. Without any deeper comprehension at the time, I was just fascinated that these strange and intricate structures could exist inside each one of us. These early experiences sparked my interest in medicine, but in subsequent years, my career path became clear to me.

What aspirations do you have for your future in health care? 

In starting my third year of medical school, I am eager to begin my clinical rotations, meet my first patients, and continue learning with each day. As a physician, I will combine my interests in culture, art, science, and the complexity of the mind and body. I will be part of a field that is constantly evolving, as we discover how to better heal and advocate for our fellow humans. I am excited and honored to have the privilege of studying to become a physician.

Do you have anything else to add related to your experience participating in the poster contest? 

I am very thankful for this opportunity to present my research, gain feedback from experienced scientists and practitioners, and observe the work of residents and fellow medical students.

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