PAMED YRA 2023 Online Mini-Courses

Building and Managing Virtual Teams – 1 hour

  • Assess the dynamics of team management in a virtual space
  • Utilize appropriate technology platform(s) to keep the team connected
  • Build trust, set clear expectations, hold team accountable

Conflict Resolution and Strategies for Effective Interactions – 1 hour

  • Discuss opportunities for productive results through conflict
  • Use effective communication skills when conflicts arise
  • Recognize different conflict styles so you can adapt accordingly

Creating Great Presentations – .75 hour

  • Identify the AIM of your presentation
  • Use an ABA structure to build your presentation
  • Identify strategies to connect with the audience

Enlightened Leadership – 1.25 hours

  • Help create your organization’s statement of principles for health care quality
  • Hold yourself and your organization accountable
  • Be credible and exert influence

Ethical Decision Making – 1 hour

  • Explore the framework of how decisions are influenced and made

Knowing Your Communication Strengths (DISC) – 1 hour

  • Know your personal and professional communication style and how your style impacts others
  • Recognize the personal and professional styles of others and modify your communication style accordingly for best results.
  • Evaluate new leadership roles in the context of your personality and/or the ability to modify your natural approach

Project Mgt for Physicians – 1 hour

  • Assess the key concepts of project management including the PDSA cycle and FMEA
  • Identify key pathways and tools to bring a project from brainstorming to resolution

Strategic Thinking – 1 hour

  • Use forecasting for strategic planning 3-5 years in the future
  • Identify strategic planning tools for the planning processes
  • Engage multiple stakeholders and end users in the process