College credit is available through Penn State’s MHA program for completion of some components of the Year Round Leadership Academy (YRA). Please click here to learn more about the College Credits that are available.

PAMED YRA 2020 Online Mini-Courses


Building and Managing Virtual Teams – 1 hour

  • Assess the dynamics of team management in a virtual space
  • Utilize appropriate technology platform(s) to keep the team connected
  • Build trust, set clear expectations, hold team accountable

Change Management – 1 hour

  • Discuss change and what makes it so challenging

Conflict Resolution and Strategies for Effective Interactions – 1 hour

  • Discuss opportunities for productive results through conflict
  • Use effective communication skills when conflicts arise
  • Recognize different conflict styles so you can adapt accordingly

Creating Great Presentations – .75 hour

  • Identify the AIM of your presentation
  • Use an ABA structure to build your presentation
  • Identify strategies to connect with the audience

Enlightened Leadership – 1.25 hours

  • Help create your organization’s statement of principles for healthcare quality
  • Hold yourself and your organization accountable
  • Be credible and exert influence

Ethical Decision Making – 1 hour

  • Explore the framework of how decisions are influenced and made

Healthcare Finance 101 – 1 hour

  • Explore basic financial principles and documents
  • Discuss principles in the context of health care decision-making

Health Care Industry Consolidation – 1 hour

  • Identify strategies to improve chances of successfully navigating a merger/consolidation and moving forward

Knowing Your Communication Strengths (DISC) – 1 hour

  • Know your personal and professional communication style and how your style impacts others
  • Recognize the personal and professional styles of others and modify your communication style accordingly for best results.
  • Evaluate new leadership roles in the context of your personality and/or the ability to modify your natural approach

Marketing Your Health Care Business – 1 hour

  • Review changes in health care that have caused an intense focus on health care marketing to grow business
  • Discuss highly effective strategies to market and grow your health care business

Project Mgt for Physicians – 1 hour

  • Assess the key concepts of project management including the PDSA cycle and FMEA
  • Identify key pathways and tools to bring a project from brainstorming to resolution

Strategic Thinking – 1 hour

  • Use forecasting for strategic planning 3-5 years in the future
  • Identify strategic planning tools for the planning processes
  • Engage multiple stakeholders and end users in the process

Working Effectively in Complex Organizations – 1 hour

  • Discuss aspects of organizational culture
  • Identify strategies to positively influence organizational culture