PAMED YRA 2024 In-Person Sessions


April 26, 2024: New Model of Physician Leadership

With the rapid pace of change in health care, many physicians have found themselves overwhelmed, unhappy and cynical. It is no surprise that the incidence of physician burnout is at its highest rate ever. Often, physicians have not found themselves at the “head of the table” when important, strategic health care policy is being developed or implemented. This is ironic since physicians are theoretically in the best position to affect change: they have historically been patient advocates and are closest to the real action in delivering care to patients.

This course will focus on the solution to the above problem and will lead to important possible actions on the part of physicians to have them reclaim the role as leader of the health care team. 

  • Review changes in health care that have caused physicians to be cynical about health care, increased the rate of physician burnout and potentially threatened their ability to lead effective health care change.
  • Identify five core strategies to provide effective leadership in a changing health care environment.
  • Discuss potential barriers in implementing the five core strategies and how to overcome them.
  • Address concrete action items that physicians can implement immediately in their organizations as first steps toward implementing the core strategies.

June 21, 2024: Teams – Building, Managing & Performing

Dysfunctional team relationships can derail even the most well-meaning individuals in their quest to problem solve and improve overall organizational outcomes.  This session is designed to emphasize how physicians can work more effectively with others and more effectively manage organizational talent through team-building and collaborative thinking

  • Explore the importance of teamwork.
  • Foster teamwork and collaborative thinking.
  • Practice your own teamwork skills.
  • Discuss ways to improve teamwork.

September 13, 2024: Healthcare Finance

This course is designed to provide physicians with a broad understanding of the financial considerations leaders address in today’s evolving healthcare environment and a practical review of the key financial documents that all physicians in leadership roles should be familiar with before talking with the C-suite about funding.

  • Review basic financial principles and documents.
  • Use financial documents to assess financial performance.
  • Apply financial principles to decision-making process.
  • Complete experiential business simulation designed to increase Business Acumen.

November 8, 2024: Leading Change

This course is designed to build the skills that physician leaders need to lead effective organizational change efforts, and to build a physician culture that embraces change. These skills help to gain buy-in for the vision.

  • Describe the essence of change.
  • Analyze the steps critical to leading change.
  • Examine how to build a culture that embraces change.