College credit is available through Penn State’s MHA program for completion of some components of the Year Round Leadership Academy (YRA). Please click here to learn more about the College Credits that are available.

Coaching, Self-Assessment, and Reflection Opportunities


Peer coaching

  • Peer mentoring/feedback on current challenges or concerns

Leadership Competencies Self-Assessment and Improvement Goals

  • Self-assess current proficiency in seven leadership competency domains
  • Identify areas to strive for improvement and applied skills at the conclusion of the program
  • Evaluate success in achieving improvements/skills noted at initial assessment

Professional development coaching

  • Online assessment to identify natural talents/strengths
  • Review personalized report with coach to discuss professional development opportunities

Performance coaching

  • Promote self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses
  • Leverage strengths
  • Identify gaps in performance
  • Discuss strategies to close or narrow gaps in performance
  • Enhance goal setting abilities
  • Drive performance based upon goals
  • Use the coaching platform to try out new behaviors (practice field)
  • Understand the perceptions of others
  • Manage the perception of others by engaging in respectful, high impact interpersonal relationships
  • Engage in self-reflection and change regarding the costs of leadership such as a lack of sleep, lack of social support, lack of delegation, and lack of constructive coping behaviors placing the leader at risk of burnout

Reflection Paper

  • Describe what you’ve learned about yourself throughout the learning experience
    • include terms of ROI to your practice environment/patient care
    • include reference to your personal wellbeing