Scope of Practice


PAMED strongly believes that physicians, given their extensive education and training, should lead the health care team.


PAMED Position
We support a physician-led, team-based approach to health care.

Current-Legislation-iconCurrent Legislation: 

  • PAMED supports HB 100 – Calls for a six-year pilot program that would collect data to measure the impact of independent practice of CRNPs in Pennsylvania’s designated primary care health professional shortage areas (HPSAs)

  • PAMED continues to oppose SB 25 – Seeks to give CRNPs full independent practice authority in Pennsylvania.
  • PAMED opposes HB 2561 and SB 391 – Seek to expand the scope of practice authority for optometrists beyond their current statutory restrictions.
  • PAMED opposes HB 2779 – Seeks to extend the easement of regulations and licensing requirements for various mid-level practitioners beyond what the Governor’s Executive Orders provide for concurrent with the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration.
  • PAMED opposes SB 325 – Seeks to recognize CRNAs under Pennsylvania statute.
  • PAMED opposes SB 870 and SB 871 – Seek to “modernize” current physician assistant laws. Learn more about SB 870 and SB 871 and how to contact your Senator to urge them to oppose the bills here.



What is PAMED Doing About it?

PAMED continues to advocate on behalf of our physician members to ensure that they remain the leader of the health care team.


Scope Of Practice News: