Employment Contract Review


Physicians at any stage in their career should consider having their employment contract reviewed. Whether you’re just starting off your career, switching employers, or hoping to renegotiate an existing contract, receiving a thorough and expert review will help ensure you’re receiving the value and employment benefits you deserve.  To ensure you are signing a fair and competitive employment contract, PAMED has partnered with Resolve to offer employment contract review services! Through Resolve, your contract will be reviewed by an attorney who has experience with different physician employment contract provisions, including grounds for termination, non-compete clause, on-call requirements, and benefits.

Why should I use PAMED’s contract review services through Resolve?
Resolve has physician contract lawyers with experience in reviewing Pennsylvania physician employment contracts. Getting an expert to review your contract could be costly, so as an added perk – PAMED members will receive 15% off of Resolve’s services!

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How do I learn more about Resolve's contract review services?
Click here to read a comprehensive FAQ on Resolve’s contract review services.

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