Legislative Priorities

PAMED listened to the physician voice – your voice. A survey helped identify the advocacy issues most important to our membership and the Advocacy Task Force and the PAMED Board of Trustees approved PAMED's legislative priorities based on this clear feedback.

PAMED also will continue to address additional advocacy issues affecting Pa. physicians and patients as they arise. Follow along with our Bill Trackers to stay in the know. 

  PAMED Bill Tracker 

You can also view our Policy Compendium by clicking here.

Check out PAMED's Quarterly Legislative Update here.

Scope of Practice

Some things work better together – the health care team is no different. PAMED supports physician-led team based care and protecting the physician/patient relationship.

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Maintenance of Certification

The current MOC process is burdensome and out of touch with how physicians learn and work. PAMED supports a fair MOC process.

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Narrow Networks/Any Willing Provider/Out-of-Network Billing

Patient protections from out-of-network billing should begin by addressing tiered and narrow health insurance provider networks and a lack of insurance product transparency. PAMED supports solutions that address these issues.

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Venue Rule

PAMED and its coalition of stakeholders oppose proposed changes to where a medical liability case can be filed. Access to care issues and higher insurance premiums and health care costs are just two of the many possible impacts.

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Prior Authorization

Long wait times for medication and treatment approvals by insurers often delay patient care. PAMED supports reform that increases transparency and curbs these delays.

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Physician Wellness

Physician burnout is a serious problem. PAMED supports improving the practice environment for physicians to help alleviate unnecessary stress.

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