About PAMED:  

One hundred and seventy-five years. That’s how long it has been since a “convention of medical men” (as stated in the original resolution) gathered at Lancaster’s Methodist Episcopal Church at what would be the society’s first annual meeting. On April 11, 1848, sixty-one men representing the county medical societies and medical schools throughout Pennsylvania, set in motion the plans to establish a state medical society and elected Samuel Humes, MD of Lancaster as its first president. Dr. Humes had been active in the formation of the Lancaster County Medical Society several years prior. 

In its first year, the society put together a full roster of pressing public health, ethical and legislative issues used to craft initiatives that would set the society’s direction for the next century…or more. The group discussed their concerns with the prevalence of smallpox in Lycoming County and approved an ambitious plan to pursue universal vaccination. By the meeting of 1849, the members passed a resolution to seek legislation for registration of births, marriages, and deaths throughout the Commonwealth.  


Headquarters Groundbreaking Ceremony - 1988 HOD - L-R- Dr. Marshall; Dr. Levis; Dr. Grandon; Dr. Harrop; Dr. Witt Docs on Call Staff Award (1988); L-R - Ken Jones, Esq. (former counsel); Roger Mecum, EVP; John Rineman, Outgoing EVP; Robert Moyers, MD 1962 Distinguished Service Award - John H. Gibbon, Jr., MD Dr. Henry H. Fetterman speaks on Tort Reform Pennsylvania Medical Society Auxillary: Mrs. John Hansell and Mrs. Kun Hyung Kim Tort Reform - Allentown, PA - 1986 Tort Reform - Boalsburg, PA 1986 John Y. Templeton, III, MD, PAMED President and Chairman of the PAMED Task Force to Study Professional Liability Insurance, fields reporters' questions at the Feb. 15 Capitol Hill Press Conference. Montgomery County Medical Society (1982) - L-R- Tom Tamaki, MD, Chairman talks with Jerry L. Rothenberger, PMS.

About Samuel Humes, MD  

Born in Lancaster, PA, he served as city treasurer before enrolling at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in 1806. Receiving his medical degree in 1808, he returned to his native city where he soon established himself as an eminent physician and successful surgeon. 


PAMED Headquarters  

The first headquarters of the Pennsylvania Medical Society began at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Lancaster in 1848 before moving to State Street in Harrisburg in 1934. PAMED has had three other locations since then, moving to Lemoyne in 1966, back to Harrisburg in 1989 and now to its current location in Mechanicsburg since 2020.  

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175 Testimonials

From camaraderie among their peers to the opportunity for their voice to be heard in organized medicine, PAMED members share why they are #PAMEDProud! 🎉



The Foundation Serves as the Heart of PAMED in a Quest to Help Others

The charitable division of the Pennsylvania Medical Society is the Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization established in 1954 with a mission to provide programs and services for the physician community that improve the well-being of Pennsylvanians and sustain the future of medicine.

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PAMPAC Provides a Unified Voice to Help Advocate for Medicine, Physicians & Patients

Established in 1964, the Pennsylvania Medical Political Action Committee (PAMPAC) is the political branch of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, and one of the largest bipartisan political action committees in the state.

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ACMS Connects with Members to Address the Issues Unique to Them

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny County Medical Society (ACMS) is one of the oldest and largest county medical societies in the state.

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Celebrating the Past and Future of Women in PAMED Leadership and Medicine

Over 150 years after the founding of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, the group elected its first woman president, Carol E. Rose, MD.

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Women Physicians Section Encourages, Empowers Women in Medicine

For 175 years, the Pennsylvania Medical Society has sought to support physicians and medical students throughout the Commonwealth, encompassing every specialty. But for many of those decades, women had a very small voice in the male-dominated organization.

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How PAMED Leadership Has Evolved Throughout the Years

For 175 years, the Pennsylvania Medical Society has provided a voice to physicians as they navigate both changes and challenges in an ever-evolving health care system.

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Despite Challenges, 2 of the Oldest County Medical Societies Continue Their Mission of Support and Advocacy

In the borough of Strasburg, during February 1823, a group of physicians met with the purpose of establishing a medical society for Lancaster County.

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175 Years Later, the Founding Attributes of PAMED Still Ring True

Prior to 1848, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania had just a handful of district and county medical societies, and there was little to no communication or collaboration between the groups.

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