Amicus Briefs

PAMED keeps you informed on amicus briefs filed to the PA Supreme Court on issues relevant to you.

Supreme Court Rules Unfavorably in Verdict Slip Case

On September 29th, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued an unfavorable ruling in Cowher v. Kodali, et al., a medical malpractice case in which PAMED had filed an amicus brief.

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PAMED Joins with the AMA to File Amicus Brief in Peer Review Case

PAMED and the AMA filed a friend of the court brief on behalf of St. Clair Hospital to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in the case of Leadbitter v. Keystone Anesthesia Consultants, LTD., et al.

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PAMED Submits Amicus Brief in Res ispa loquitor Jury Instruction Case

PAMED, in conjunction with the AMA, filed a friend of the court brief with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in the case of Lageman v. Zepp. In this case, the plaintiff filed a complaint for medical negligence after she suffered a stroke while undergoing a medical procedure.

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PAMED Submits Amicus Brief in Professional Liability Discovery Case

The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED), in conjunction with the American Medical Association (AMA), has filed a friend of the court brief (“amicus brief”) with the Eastern District of the Pennsylvania Superior Court in the case of Gill et al. v. the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

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PAMED Files Amicus Brief in Superior Court

PAMED filed an amicus brief in the Pennsylvania Superior Court in support of the effort to have the court reconsider a recent decision in Mertis v. Oh, that, if it stands, will negatively impact a physician’s ability to hire an attorney of the physician’s choosing.  

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Liquid Labs Amici Curiae Brief

PAMED joined several other public health-focused organizations in the filing of an amici curiae brief in Liquid Labs LLC v. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration, a case concerning the marketing of flavored (non-tobacco flavored), nicotine-containing, e-liquids.  

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What is an Amicus Brief?

An amicus brief is a document filed with a court by an individual or group who is not a party to the case to assist the court in reaching its decision by providing expertise, information or perspective in support of one side of the case. The official name, “amicus curiae,” means “friend of the court” in Latin. A court possesses the discretion to allow an amicus brief or not in any given case.

When does PAMED file a brief?

PAMED keeps a close eye on court cases that involve legal issues impacting patients, physicians and/or the practice of medicine in Pennsylvania who submit briefs based on PAMED policy and legislative priorities.