Maintenance of Certification

Description-iconWhile physicians are committed to lifelong learning, the MOC process is time consuming and expensive. Many feel that it doesn’t align with how physicians learn and work.

Current-Legislation-iconCurrent Legislation: 
There is no current legislation dealing specifically with the MOC process. PAMED however has been monitoring non-legislative solutions.  


PAMED Position
PAMED supports efforts that will ensure a fair MOC process for all physicians.

PAMED supports efforts that would prohibit MOC as a condition of licensure, insurer credentialing and reimbursement, or hospital admitting privileges.


PAMED continues to monitor possible solutions to make the MOC process fair for all physicians.


How it Affects You
MOC reform would help ensure that the process is fair, relevant, and meaningful for all physicians.  


What is PAMED Doing About it?
PAMED commented on the Vision Commission’s draft report that sought to provide a set of recommendations about the future of MOC. Their final report can be viewed here.

PAMED initiated dialogue with the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) on facilitating MOC improvements.

PAMED created an MOC taskforce.

PAMED led several state and national forums to bring together stakeholders to address the issue.

PAMED developed 11 MOC-related principles.


What Action Should I Take?
PAMED encourages you to monitor any potential changes and respond to all “calls for comments” from your specialty boards.

MOC News: