Press Release: Dauphin County Physician Awarded PAMED International Voluntary Service Award

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2024

Virginia E. Hall, MD, FACOG, FACP, a double board-certified physician in internal medicine and obstetrics and gynecology from Dauphin County was awarded the International Voluntary Service Award from the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

Over the span of four decades, Dr. Hall has traveled to places like Sierra Leone and India to teach students and residents how to perform surgeries and assist in providing a level of women’s care that would otherwise not be available to those communities.

On learning she received the award, Dr. Hall said, “I was surprised and humbled by this award as I felt I was just fulfilling my role as a physician.”

In India, she was accompanied by medical students, a nurse practitioner, and an eminent plastic surgeon. Her work in India has included active medical practice and development of clinics and policies that will allow her contribution to demonstrate permanent improvement in the health of both women and children in the region.

Dr. Hall said, “I wanted to help people while incorporating science and giving them the tools for self-care. Teaching the patient and family is just as important as teaching medical students and residents.”

She earned her medical education from former Hahnemann Medical School in Philadelphia and was associated with the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center until she retired in 2018. She currently serves as the Chair of the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society. 

Dr. Hall said, “I love people and science and medicine is the perfect marriage of both. I grew up in a household where my parents did not have the money or insurance to care for their eight children. I saw the need and wanted to fulfill this lack.”

PAMED’s Physician Award for Voluntary International Service was created in 1992 to recognize physicians who have donated their time and expertise internationally.


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