COVID-19 Masking Guidance FAQs

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  1. Steve Karp | Oct 14, 2022

    Q. What are the CDC recommendations based on?

    A. CDC refers to the use of masks, face coverings, and respirators as source control.   Recommendations for when source control should be used are based on Community Transmission levels.

    Logic 101 excludes the use of circular logic.

    A hand can cover a face. Is that a face covering?

  2. Charles Busack | Oct 14, 2022
    The screen shot above is showing a county's "community level" not "community transmission level". As you indicated, CDC states that healthcare facilities should use "community transmission level" or "transmission level" not community level for their infection control policies which includes masks. Transmission level is shown on that same webpage, but you have to scroll down a little further, you will see a box for "Data Type", change it to say, "Community Transmission" and you can check by state and county specifically. It can be very different from what the community level is at.

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