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Get timely, topical CME for your patient safety and risk management CME requirements. Plus, find education you can use to navigate the challenges of your business, practice, and life of medicine.

Child Abuse

Suspicion of child abuse, elder abuse, and domestic violence present challenges to the health care team and bring a multitude of regulations and special considerations

Communicating with Patients/Peers

Recognizing and responding to patient concerns effectively, having strategies in place to deal with family members, and using non-traditional communication channels are examples of best practices that can enhance the physician-patient relationship.

Emergency Preparedness

Prepare your practice and your patients for disasters such as severe weather events, outbreaks of diseases, utility disruptions, and other unexpected events.

Financial Planning

Protect your money and build your long-term wealth with information that is customized to your life/career stage from a certified financial planner.

Leadership Skills

Learn how to build trust with colleagues, foster communication, strengthen teams, facilitate change, and drive quality. PAMED partners with the American Academy for Physician Leadership and gives you options for online, in-person and more in-depth, year-round training.

Medications/Pain Management/Opioids

Learn how physicians can help the ever-growing number of patients dealing with chronic pain and prescription/opioid drug abuse.

Value-Based Care/Process Improvement

Streamlining processes and using population health data are strategies that can help your practice increase effectiveness, decrease expenses, and improve patient health and satisfaction