Medical Student Section (MSS)

The MSS is the medical students' leading voice for improving medical education and advocating for the future of medicine.

The MSS encourages medical student participation in the activities of PAMED to have meaningful impact into PAMED’s decision and policy-making process; improve medical education and to further professional excellence; provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of information; develop medical leadership; initiate and effect necessary change; promote activity within organize medicine on the local and state levels; and to work cooperatively with student groups at Pennsylvania medical schools to meet these objectives.

MSS Governing Council 

Anuranita Gupta (Drexel College of Medicine)

Vice Chair 
Mariya Reztsova (Drexel College of Medicine)

Medical Student Trustee
Anis Adnani (Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine)

Medical Student Trustee-Elect 
Kevin Huang (University of South Florida-Lehigh Valley)

AMA Alternate Delegate for Region 6     
Alyssa Tuan (Penn State College of Medicine)

AMA Alternate Delegate-Elect for Region 6         
Arnab Ray (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine)

PAMPAC Representative
Winnie Rao (Drexel College of Medicine)

Foundation Trustee       
Anuranita Gupta (Drexel College of Medicine)

Foundation Trustee-Elect           
Jacob Albers (University of South Florida/Lehigh Valley Health Network)

School Representatives

Rhea Trainson, Representative
Benjamin Rahmani, Alternate Representative 

Alexia Gagliardi, Representative 
Laura Loeser, Alternate Representative 

Wint Thu, Representative 
Maria Poluch, Alternate Representative 

Alexander Nguyen, Representative
Abigail Allen, Alternate Representative 

Amanda Goffredo, Representative
George (Thomas) Taylor, Alternate Representative

Ankita Reddy, Representative 
Danielle Zamalin, Alternate Representative

James Duehr, Representative 
Arnab Ray, Alternate Representative 

Penn State
Madison Hearn, Representative 
Madeline Matzelle-Zywicki, Alternate Representative

Daly Trimble, Representative
Brianna Talbot, Alternate Representative

Catherine Villani Levitt, Representative
Dao Le, Alternate Representative 

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