May 2024 Board of Trustee Wrap Up

Last Updated: May 2, 2024

This week, the Board of Trustees held their May 2024 meeting, with both in person and virtual participants.

A presentation was given to the Board on amicus briefs with Richard Long, PAMED General Counsel and Diana Huang, AMA Assistant General Counsel. The presentation consisted of educating the Board on what exactly an amicus brief is and how and when PAMED gets involved in a case. It was also mentioned that no amicus brief is sent without approval by PAMED leadership. PAMED appreciates AMA’s technical and financial support of PAMED’s amicus brief advocacy.

After thoughtful discussion and taking the concerns of the delegates into consideration, the Board selected the Hershey Lodge to remain the location for the House of Delegates in 2025 through 2027. The Board took into consideration the travel costs, overnight accommodations proximity to parking, technical support, and impact to PAMED’s budget as well as ensuring optimal delegate participation in the annual House of Delegates meeting. The House of Delegates format will return to the 3-day event in October 2026 and October 2027.

The PA Department of Health is working on updating the hospital regulations found in Chapter 28 of the Pennsylvania Code. The Board reviewed current sections of the regulations that directly impact physicians and patient care and provided insight and guidance to PAMED staff to ensure the physician voice is heard.

PAMED’s legislative team shared an update on Pennsylvania’s noncompete legislation, House Bill 1633, state-level legislation regarding noncompete clauses. It continues to move in the Capitol and is now headed to the Senate Health Committee for consideration in the next couple of weeks. Although House Bill 1633 completely prohibits health care noncompete clauses except in smaller counties, PAMED will work to include an exemption for private physician practices. The Board and PAMED recognize the diverse makeup of our membership and continue to work towards a solution that affords employed physicians appropriate career flexibility while respecting the staffing-related challenges faced by private practitioners.

PAMED will continue to keep the membership up to date with the latest information and calls to action.

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