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https://www.pamedsoc.org/tools-you-can-use/topics/hipaa/Home:Tools You Can Use:Topics:HIPAA<p><img class="ms-rtePosition-2" src="/PublishingImages/StoreProductImages/13_HIPAA_Security-LG.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" />The 563-page HIPAA mega-rule, released in 2013, left physicians and practice managers with more questions than answers. PAMED members have free access to a variety of legal briefs related to medical records and personal health information:</p><ul><li><a href="/PAMED_Downloads_NotPublic/Quick%20Consult/QCMedRecordsPatientRights.pdf"><strong>Patient rights</strong></a><strong> </strong></li><li><a href="/PAMED_Downloads_NotPublic/Quick%20Consult/QCMedRecordsConfidentiality.pdf"><strong>Confidentiality</strong></a><strong> </strong></li><li><a href="/PAMED_Downloads_NotPublic/Quick%20Consult/QCMedRecordsRetentionDisposal.pdf"><strong>Retention and disposal</strong></a><strong> </strong></li><li><a href="/PAMED_Downloads_NotPublic/Quick%20Consult/QCHIPAABreaches.pdf"><strong>Breaches of unsecured personal health information and notification requirements</strong></a><strong> </strong></li><li><strong><a href="/PAMED_Downloads_NotPublic/2017CopyingFees.pdf">Restrictions on copying charges for 2017</a></strong></li></ul><p>PAMED also offers other tools to help you with HIPAA compliance:<br></p><ul><li><strong></strong><a href="https://www.pamedsoc.org/Pages/Product-Details.aspx?ProductCode=1547-10"><strong>HIPAA Security Toolkit</strong></a> — This toolkit includes policy and procedure examples that you can customize for your use. </li><li><strong></strong><a href="/PAMED_Downloads_NotPublic/HIPAANoticePrivacyPractices.pdf"><strong>Notice of Privacy Practices example</strong></a> — Our NPP example will help you prepare one reflecting your privacy practices to help you fulfill your compliance requirements.</li></ul>



https://www.pamedsoc.org/tools-you-can-use/topics/hipaa/SecureTextOrderingBan on Using Secure Text Messages to Order Patient Treatments Remains in Effect<p>​A ban on the use of secure text messaging for patient care orders will remain in effect, according to a December 2016 announcement from the Joint Commission.<br></p>
https://www.pamedsoc.org/tools-you-can-use/topics/hipaa/HIPAAEmailHHS Shares Alert on Phishing Email Disguised as Official HIPAA Audit Communication<p>​A phishing email disguised as an official HIPAA audit communication is in circulation, according to a Nov. 28, 2016, alert from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights.<br></p>
https://www.pamedsoc.org/tools-you-can-use/topics/hipaa/HIPAADataBlockingCan a Business Associate Ever Block Access to PHI? HHS Offers Answers <p>​The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights recently published an FAQ on whether a business associate can ever block access to PHI?<br></p>
https://www.pamedsoc.org/tools-you-can-use/topics/hipaa/HIPAARansomwareGuidanceHHS Offers HIPAA Guidance on Preventing and Responding to Ransomware Attacks<p>​The Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights has released HIPAA guidance on dealing with the threat of ransomware attacks. <br></p>
https://www.pamedsoc.org/tools-you-can-use/topics/hipaa/HIPAAAudits2016Phase Two of HIPAA Audit Process Moves Forward: Covered Entities Are Selected for Audits<p>​The Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights announced on March 21, 2016, that it has launched the second phase of its HIPAA Audit Program. PAMED offers four tips for practices looking to ensure that they are HIPAA compliant.<br></p>Practice Administrators;#
https://www.pamedsoc.org/tools-you-can-use/topics/hipaa/PHIDataBreachReport90 Percent of Industries Have Patient Data Breaches, Health Care Has Highest Rate<p>​A Verizon 2015 Protected Health Information Data Breach Report released on Dec. 17 found that 90 percent of industries have patient data breaches.</p>Physicians;#Practice Administrators;#
https://www.pamedsoc.org/tools-you-can-use/topics/hipaa/HIPAAWebinarPrivacyWebinar: The HIPAA Mega-Rule-Privacy and New Individual Rights<p>​​In this 2014 webinar, learn about the privacy changes in the HIPAA mega-rule from Elizabeth Metz, PAMED's former general counsel.</p>Physicians;#Practice Administrators;#Members Only;#
https://www.pamedsoc.org/tools-you-can-use/topics/hipaa/HIPAAWebinarBreachWebinar: The HIPAA Mega-Rule: Breach Notification Requirements​​​In this 2014 webinar, learn about breach notification requirements in the HIPAA mega-rule from Elizabeth Metz, PAMED's former general counsel.Physicians;#