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The Women Physicians Section (WPS) was created by the PAMED House of Delegates in October 2018 to encourage women physicians to participate in leadership, policymaking, advocacy, and other activities of PAMED. Prior to becoming an official Section, it was known as the Women Physicians Caucus.

The goals of the WPS are to create a forums for members to:

  • Learn about effective networking
  • Voice concerns and share common experiences
  • Educate and encourage paths to leadership roles in organized and academic medicine
  • Establish a network of women physician leaders
  • Advocate to advance PAMED policy on issues affecting women as well as advise the PAMED Board on such issues

2024 Women Physicians Section Governing Council 

Effective January 1, 2024

WPS Board Trustee - Renee Frank, MD  Connect with me

Chair  - Karen Rizzo, MD
Vice Chair - Hannah Do, MD 

Resident/Fellow Section Representative - Kripa Rajak, MD

Medical Student Section Representative - Julia Kooser

District 1 Representative: Katherine Sherif, MD

District 2 Representative: Ahashta Johnson, MD

District 3 Representative: Darlene Dunay, DO

District 4 Representative: Filled with Member-at-Large, Stacey Denlinger, DO

District 5 Representative: Sarah Eiser, MD

District 6 Representative: Karissa Thal, MD

District 7 Representative: Natasha Alligood, MD

District 8 Representative: Ingrid Renberg, MD

District 9 Representative: Marsha Haley, MD

District 10 Representative: Jean Holdren, DO

District 11 Representative: Mylaina Sherwood, MD

District 12 Representative: Riddhi Shah, MD

District 13 Representative: Grace Ferguson, MD

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District Representatives

District 1 - Katherine Sherif, MD
Connect with me  2023 DISTRICT 1
District 2 - Ahashta Johnson, MD
Connect with me  2023 DISTRICT 2
District 3 - Darlene Dunay, DO
Connect with me  2023 DISTRICT 3
District 4 - Filled with Member-at-Large, Stacey Denlinger, DO
Connect with me  2023  DISTRICT 4
District 5 - Sarah Eiser, MD
Connect with me  2023 DISTRICT 5
District 6 - Karissa Thal, MD
Connect with me  2023 DISTRICT 6
District 7 - Natasha Alligood-Percoco, MD
Connect with me  2023 DISTRICT 7
District 8 - Ingrid Renberg, MD
Connect with me  2023 DISTRICT 8
District 9 - Marsha Haley, MD
Connect with me  2023 DISTRCT 9
District 10 - Jean Holdren, DO
Connect with me  2023 DISTRICT 10
District 11 - Mylaina Sherwood, MD
Connect with me  2023 DISTRICT 11
District 12 - Riddhi Shah, MD
Connect with me  2023 DISTRICT 12
District 13 - Grace Ferguson, MD
Connect with me   
2023 DISTRICT 13_

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For more information on the Women Physicians Section (WPS), contact Robin Rothermel at rrothermel@pamedsoc.org.

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