Women Physicians Section

Women Physicians Section Interim Governing Council
(May 1, 2019 – Oct. 25, 2019)

Karen Rizzo, MD, Chair
Hannah Do, MD, Vice Chair
Sherry Blumenthal, MD, Board Trustee
District Representatives: District 1 – Kristy Shine, MD
District 2 – Sheila Brown, MD
District 3 – Renee Frank, MD
District 4 – Dillenia Rosica, MD
District 5 – Carrie DeLone, MD
District 6 – Vacant
District 7 – Vacant
District 8 – Ingrid Renberg, MD
District 9 – Vacant
District 10 – Amanda Laubenthal, DO
District 11 – Jyothi Patri, MD
District 12 – Riddhi Shah, MD
District 13 – Coleen Carignan, MD

House of Delegates (HOD) Information

Women Physicians Section (WPS) Annual Business Meeting: Friday, Oct. 25

WPS Business Meeting Agenda

Women Physicians Section Related Proposed Bylaws Amendments and Annotated Proposed Amendments (from the 2019 Official Call)

WPS Governing Council Candidate Information

The WPS Governing Council Chair, Vice Chair, and District Representatives will be elected at the section's Annual Business Meeting on Friday, Oct. 25.

You can click on each name below to read bio information where provided.

Karen Rizzo, MD
Cadence Kim, MD

Vice Chair
Hannah Do, MD
Amtul Farheen, MD

District 1 Rep
Katherine Sherif, MD
Megan Crossman, MD

District 2 Rep
Sheila Brown, MD

District 3 Rep
Renee Frank, MD

District 4 Rep
Dillenia Rosica, MD

District 5 Rep
Amtul Farheen, MD
Carrie Delone, MD
Colette Pameijer, MD

District 6 Rep
Melissa Pell, MD

District 7 Rep
Natasha Alligood-Percoco, MD

District 8 Rep
Ingrid Renberg, MD
Rebecca Hanigosky, DO

District 9 Rep
Mark Piasio, MD

District 10 Rep
Jean Holdren, DO

District 11 Rep
Mylania Sherwood, MD 
Jyothi Patri, MD

District 12 Rep
Riddhi Shah, MD

District 13 Rep
Coleen Carignan, MD

Elections for the WPS Trustee will be held on Sat., Oct. 26. Learn more about the below WPS Trustee candidates in the 2019 Election Manual

WPS Trustee Candidates 
Sherry Blumenthal, MD
Virginia Hall, MD
Katherine Sherif, MD

HOD Registration: 
Register for the HOD here. Please pay careful attention to the Registration Type and only register as a Delegate/Alternate Delegate if you have been identified as such by your county, specialty, or section. The deadline to register is Oct. 13

HOD Resources: Find all HOD-related information here, including PAMED's new HOD Help Center.

Questions on the WPS or the Section's activities at the HOD? Contact Robin Rothermel at rrothermel@pamedsoc.org.