Women Physicians Section 

The Women Physicians Section (WPS) was created by the PAMED House of Delegates in October 2018 to encourage women physicians to participate in leadership, policymaking, advocacy, and other activities of PAMED. Prior to becoming an official Section, it was known as the Women Physicians Caucus.

The goals of the WPS are to create a forum for members to:

  • Learn about effective networking
  • Voice concerns and share common experiences
  • Educate and encourage paths to leadership roles in organized and academic medicine
  • Establish a network of women physician leaders
  • Advocate to advance PAMED policy on issues affecting women as well as advise the PAMED Board on such issues

PAMED’s women physician leaders are paving the way for future generations in organized medicine. Learn about what they say are their biggest challenges and their advice for others on Page 26 in the Fall 2020 issue of Pennsylvania Physician.

Women Physicians Section (WPS) Annual Business Meeting
Fri., October 23
Registration is now closed

The WPS Annual Business Meeting will be held virtually.

Nancy Ezold, Esq. will join the WPS as a guest speaker. Ms. Ezold is the founder of The Ezold Law Firm, P.C. in Bala Cynwyd. She was the first woman to bring to trial a claim against a law firm for sex discrimination. Ms. Ezold gained national and international attention as a result of the case, appearing on 20/20 and other television and radio programs. She is involved in all of the firm’s practice areas (sexual harassment, discriminatory termination, and employment discrimination based on age, sex, race, ethnic background, religion and disability; negotiation of employment contracts, severance agreements and non-compete agreements; civil and commercial litigation; personal injury cases), litigates in state and federal courts, and is a member of the bars of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court among others. She has given presentations on discrimination and workplace employment issues throughout the country and has been featured in numerous local and national media.

Additional information about the meeting will be posted on the Women Physicians Section page at www.pamedsoc.org/HOD as it becomes available.


WPS Governing Council Election Results

The results from the WPS Governing Council elections are as follows:

District 1           
Katherine Sherif, MD     

District 2           
Ahashta Johnson, MD   

District 3           
Renee Frank, MD           

District 4           
Dillenia Rosica, MD        

District 5           
Navitha Ramesh, MD    

District 6           
Melissa Pell, MD            

District 7           
Natasha Alligood, MD   

District 8           
Ingrid Renberg, MD       

District 9           
Soo Jung Lee, MD          

District 10         
Jean Holdren, DO           

District 11         
Mylaina Sherwood, MD

District 12         
Riddhi Shah, MD            

District 13         
Coleen Carignan, MD    

Medical Student Rep    
Jessica Li            

Residents and Fellows Rep        
Sonia Bhandari Randhawa, MD 


Physician Employment Video

Watch educational webinar: Contract Negotiations for Women Physicians

Women Physicians Section Governing Council 

Chair  - Karen Rizzo, MD
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Vice Chair - Hannah Do, MD
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WPS Board Trustee - Sherry Blumenthal, MD
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District Representatives


District 1 - Katherine Sherif, MD
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District 2 - Ahashta Johnson, MD
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District 3 - Renee Frank, MD
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District 4 - Dillenia Rosica, MD
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District 5 - Carrie DeLone, MD
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District 6 - Melissa Pell, MD
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District 7 - Natasha Alligood-Percoco, MD
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District 8 - Ingrid Renberg, MD
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District 9 - Soo Lee, MD
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District 10 - Jean Holdren, DO
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District 11 - Mylania Sherwood, MD
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District 12 - Riddhi Shah, MD
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District 13 - Coleen Carignan, MD
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Resident/Fellow and Medical Student Representatives

Resident/Fellow Section Representative - Madeline Taskier, MD
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Medical Student Section Representative - Jingxin (Jess) Li
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