Resident and Fellow Section


Governing Council
Lauren Kramer, DO, Chair
Anupriya Dayal, MD, Vice Chair
Robert Kucejko, MD, MS, MBA, PAMED Board Trustee
Jia Hwei Ng, MD, Secretary/Web Editor
Elisa Giusto, DO, PAMPAC Rep/Member at Large
Jordan Kirsch, DO, AMA Alternate Delegate
Amber Baisz, MD, Member at Large
Elisa Giusto, DO, Member at Large
Jordan Kirsch, DO, Member at Large
Diane Meisles, DO, Member at Large
Raghuveer Puttagunta, MD, Member at Large
Anupriya Dayal, MD, AMA Delegate

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The deadline to complete the self-nomination form is Oct. 10.

House of Delegates (HOD) Information

Residents and Fellows Section (RFS) Annual Business Meeting: Friday, Oct. 25, 6 p.m.

Medical Student, Resident, and Fellow Poster Competition: Saturday, Oct. 26 - Get more information here. The deadline to submit an abstract for consideration was Sept. 23.

Resident and Fellow Panel Discussion: Friday, Oct. 25, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m., Short presentation ("Physicians Know Your Options – the Physician Health Program for Mental Health"), followed by an open forum panel Q&A.

HOD Registration: Register for the HOD here. Please pay careful attention to the Registration Type and only register as a Delegate/Alternate Delegate if you have been identified as such by your county, specialty, or section. The deadline to register is Oct. 13.

If you are only attending the Residents and Fellows Panel Discussion, there is no need to complete the HOD Registration Form. You can simply let us know you plan on participating by emailing

HOD Resources: 
Find all HOD-related information here, including PAMED's new HOD Help Center.

Questions on the RFS or the Section's activities at the HOD? Contact Julie Carr at