Medical Student Section

Governing Council

Chair – Ashley Garcia (Drexel)
Vice Chair – Emily Mapelli (Drexel)
Immediate Past Chair – Nathan Hoff (Geisinger Commonwealth)
Board Trustee – Gillian Naro (Penn State)
Board Trustee-Elect – Anis  Adnani (Geisinger Commonwealth)
Foundation Trustee – John Curtis (Geisinger Commonwealth)
Foundation Trustee-Elect – Anuranita Gupta (Drexel)
AMA Alternate Delegate – Shyama Sathianathan (Penn State)
AMA Alternate Delegate-Elect – Alyssa Tuan (Penn State)
PAMPAC Rep – Mustfa Manzur (Thomas Jefferson)

School Representatives            
Anuranita Gupta, Drexel University Representative
Emily Mapelli, Drexel University Alternate Representative
Vaibhav Sharma, Geisinger Representative
John Piserchio, Geisinger Alternate Representative
Kaitlin Demarest, Jefferson University Representative
Mustfa Manzur, Jefferson University Alternate Representative
Abhijth Kudaravalli, LECOM Representative
Nikole Van Wie, LECOM Alternate Representative
Sahlia Joseph-Pauline, PCOM Representative
John Spikes, PCOM Alternate Representative
Jessica Li, University of Pennsylvania Representative
Parth Shah, University of Pennsylvania Alternate Representative
Samyuktha Melachuri, University of Pittsburgh Representative
Lauren Lin, University of Pittsburgh Alternate Representative
Jacob Anderson, Penn State Representative.
Rhea Sullivan, Penn State  Alternate Representative
Jasmin Feliciano, Temple University Representative
Madison Dixon, Temple University Alternate Representative
Sarah Iqbal, USF Lehigh Representative
Sharon Chaing, USF Lehigh Alternate Representative

Arshjot Khokhar, Region 6 Delegate
Shyama Sathianathan, Region 6 Alternate Delegate

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Medical Student Section Operations Manual

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