PAMED’s Monkeypox resources are available to help clinicians better identify, treat, and educate patients on Monkeypox.

Monkeypox FAQ

General Information

  • What is monkeypox?

  • What is the status of monkeypox in the US?

  • What are the symptoms of monkeypox?

  • What are the case definitions for monkeypox?

Clinical Recognition & Diagnosis

  • What are the key characteristics for identifying monkeypox?

  • What are the phases of monkeypox?

  • What should prompt clinical suspicion for monkeypox?

  • My patient’s monkeypox test result is pending. What should I tell them to do in the interim?

Clinical Recognition & Diagnosis Resources 

CDC Clinical Recognition 

CDC Clinician FAQs

Risk Assessment/Monitoring Potential Exposures

  • How should I monitor a patient who has been exposed to monkeypox?

  • What should health care professionals do if exposed to monkeypox?

  • Is there a risk assessment and public health recommendations for individuals exposed to a patient with monkeypox?

Risk Assessment & Exposure Resources 

CDC Monitoring Persons Exposed 


  • How is monkeypox transmitted?

  • How can monkeypox be prevented?



  • What treatment is available for monkeypox?

  • Is there a vaccine for monkeypox?

  • Who should be vaccinated for monkeypox?

  • Can you be vaccinated after being exposed to monkeypox?

  • Where do I obtain vaccine?

Isolation/Infection Control

  • Should patients with monkeypox be isolated?

  • Should providers use PPE when treating patients with possible monkeypox?

Additional Resources