Leadership Resources

“In order to be heard throughout their communities and health care systems, physicians need to remain engaged and expand their voice. This is where PAMED can help. Through programs geared towards physician leadership training, we teach vital skills that help physician leaders take the lead on important discussions surrounding decision-making in medical practice settings and health systems.”

F. Wilson Jackson, III, MD, 2023 PAMED President


What are the benefits of physicians taking leadership roles? 

Physician leadership is essential to collaborative, efficient teams and greater health care quality.  

  • Effective communication fosters trust and strengthens relationships.  

  • Positive relationships create a culture of collaboration, facilitating shared decision making and engaged teams.  

  • Engaged teams are more motivated to hold each other accountable and achieve higher levels of performance and quality.  


At what stage in my career should I think about participating in leadership training? 

Leadership skills are needed at every stage of one’s career and it’s never the wrong time to start improving your leadership skills. No matter what your current position is, mastering the competencies and skills associated with effective physician leadership will help you maximize success.