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As your voice and advocate in Harrisburg and Washington D.C., PAMED works tirelessly to advance pro-physician and pro-patient legislation and regulation that improves and strengthens the physician-patient relationship.

Access to Care

In order to ensure quality care for all Pennsylvanians, PAMED supports policies that increase patients' access to care by physician-led health care teams.

Credentialing and Insurance Reforms

Learn about insurance practices that take time away from patient care and what PAMED is doing about them. One example is legislation that would streamline physician credentialing.

Maintenance of Certification

Learn how PAMED is leading state and national conversations about improving the MOC process and addressing concerns of its punitive nature and administrative burdens.


In 2014, Mcare settled litigation in which the PAMED and other organizations challenged how Mcare calculated its annual assessments and diversion of Mcare funds by the Commonwealth.

Medical Liability

These legal briefs discuss medical liability issues in the commonwealth.

Medical Marijuana

Despite opposition from PAMED, the Pennsylvania legislature passed a bill legalizing medical marijuana in April 2016. PAMED has info to answer physician and patient questions.

Team-Based Care

Read more in this section on the importance of team-based care, and find out how you can get involved in this effort.


Many in the medical community agree that expanding telemedicine in Pennsylvania could ease concerns over escalating health care costs and access to care issues. But, in order for telemedicine to grow, there are barriers that need to be addressed.

Capitol Update Blog

Capitol Update provides an inside view of PAMED’s advocacy efforts in Harrisburg.