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Access to Care to CareAccess to Care<div class="ExternalClass2AA3FD644D8948C2939687D5343C44BD"><p>In order to ensure quality care for all Pennsylvanians, PAMED supports policies that increase patients' access to care by physician-led health care teams.</p></div>
Advocate Article Wizard Article Wizard<div class="ExternalClass3B921AF645C74B1A91B3F929561CF300"><div class="ExternalClass9FA0B5B6AB0949BEB0B7CE7AA4CD962A">PAMED spends more than 8,500 hours each year advocating on issues that impact physicians and their patients. Learn about the latest issues and how you can help through calls to action.</div></div>
General You Can Use:Topics:GeneralGeneral<div class="ExternalClassA598722776824FF3927C14A0C6A59512"><p>Stay updated on important news and information involving medicine in Pennsylvania and beyond. Increase productivity, save money, and reduce your worries about changes in medicine with these tools.</p></div>
Healthcare Transformation You Can Use:Topics:Healthcare TransformationHealthcare Transformation<div class="ExternalClass2A4C0C03556845F683C86A8D5718AB9B"><p>Stay ahead of the curve on the changing skill sets that physicians need to thrive as our health system moves toward a value-based delivery model.</p></div>
Medical Liability You Can Use:Topics:Medical LiabilityMedical Liability<div class="ExternalClass5D66169A30614423BE57D25D81A7E070"><p>​Stay current on the latest medical liability issues with expert analysis and perspective on what it means for your ability to practice in Pennsylvania.</p></div>
Electronic Health Records/Meaningful UseElectronic Health Records/Meaningful Use<div class="ExternalClassCF236D3BE70C46BB861FCF13190CEE1A"><p>​Meet Meaningful Use reporting requirements and stay current on news involving electronic health records.</p></div>
Health Information ExchangeHealth Information Exchange
Social MediaSocial Media
Infectious DiseasesInfectious Diseases<div class="ExternalClass3D135857089849DAB4B701EDC7B02703"><p>​Stay up to date on breaking news involving infectious disease cases in Pennsylvania.</p></div>
DOH/CDC Health Alerts You Can Use:Topics:Public Health:DOH/CDC Health AlertsDOH/CDC Health Alerts<div class="ExternalClass96BCCC8DEDAB4A1188F0BA102D00A09B"><p>​Receive timely information on health alerts from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.</p></div>
General & Lead:Topics:GeneralGeneral<div class="ExternalClassF0712DC790C949C9B5A392B691108946">Get timely, topical CME for your patient safety and risk management CME requirements. Plus, find education you can use to navigate the challenges of your business, practice, and life of medicine.</div>
General<div class="ExternalClassABBA59C22C0E4B199511501EE55E41FE">As your voice and advocate in Harrisburg and Washington D.C., PAMED works tirelessly to advance pro-physician and pro-patient legislation and regulation that improves and strengthens the physician-patient relationship. </div>
Public Health & Patient SafetyPublic Health & Patient Safety
GeneralGeneral<div class="ExternalClassF92445C8C9E942B18CDDCDDDFF9FF677"><p>Improve patient communication with timely information on ePrescribing, patient portals and other medical technology advances.</p></div>
General You Can Use:Topics:Healthcare Transformation:GeneralGeneral<div class="ExternalClass0FA79D149C4646F7870053C4BE5C1098"><p>​Stay ahead of the curve on the changing skill sets that physicians need to thrive as our health system moves toward a value-based delivery model.</p></div>
General You Can Use:Topics:Public Health:GeneralGeneral<div class="ExternalClass4F9BDC1A729A465EB1B404C5FC7CEEAB"><p>Stay updated on important news and information involving medicine in Pennsylvania and beyond. Increase productivity, save money, and reduce your worries about changes in medicine with these tools.</p></div>
General You Can Use:Topics:Insurers:GeneralGeneral<div class="ExternalClass8320920BFD4848A3AD724438EA8C4A8A"><p>​Save time and money by staying current with the latest reimbursement changes from both private payers.</p></div>
Zika You Can Use:Topics:Public Health:ZikaZika<div class="ExternalClass2612872B56994BD89CBD8C7FA1BDADAD"><p>PAMED will work with the state Department of Health to keep physicians and the public informed about Pennsylvania's preparedness for this virus.</p></div>
General You Can Use:Topics:Incentives and Penalties:GeneralGeneral<div class="ExternalClassB4690F1B5BD64B8B856442D43EF32E3C"><p>​Get information to help you earn incentives and avoid penalties, including information on ePrescribing, electronic health record incentives, PQRS, audits, and more.</p><p> </p></div>
PQRS You Can Use:Topics:Incentives and Penalties:PQRSPQRS<div class="ExternalClassF08323D8F35E498B8810CFB9CF75014E"><p>​The Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) is a quality reporting program that encourages individual eligible professionals (EPs) and group practices to report information on the quality of care to Medicare. PAMED's practice support team save time and money by keeping you updated on the latest news regarding PQRS.</p></div>
Value Modifiers You Can Use:Topics:Incentives and Penalties:Value ModifiersValue Modifiers<div class="ExternalClass97A79458293A4CAE94ED1BAE86DA2719"><p>​The Value Modifier provides for differential payment to a physician or group of physicians under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) based upon the quality of care furnished compared to the cost of care during a performance period. PAMED's practice support team save time and money by keeping you updated on the latest news regarding Value Modifiers.</p></div>
Commercial Payers You Can Use:Topics:Insurers:Commercial PayersCommercial Payers<div class="ExternalClass23A6BD17751E46E0BA3C8BC36ECA8BFA"><p>​PAMED is leading efforts to promote policies and processes that make sense for Pennsylvania physicians and patients. In this section, PAMED is leading efforts to promote policies and processes that make sense for Pennsylvania physicians and patients. Stay up to date on news involving commercial payers.</p></div>
Credentialing You Can Use:Topics:Insurers:CredentialingCredentialing<div class="ExternalClass7AA13CC55B5240C7AF85901323E4B60E"><p>​Save time with these tips on the physician Credentialing process. PAMED is leading efforts to voice physician concerns about insurance practices that take time away from patient care. <br>PAMED is leading efforts to promote policies and processes that make sense for Pennsylvania physicians and patients.</p></div>
Medicaid You Can Use:Topics:Insurers:MedicaidMedicaid<div class="ExternalClassA3D61E8623A64B5B8611DDEF668C77FB"><p>​Find answers to your most frequently asked Medicaid questions with expert analysis on a variety of topics, such as provisions in rules that affect you and your practice.</p></div>
Medicare Advantage You Can Use:Topics:Insurers:Medicare AdvantageMedicare Advantage<div class="ExternalClass220EF5C84BF842B782337AEA476C6251"><p>​Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called "Part C" or "MA Plans," are offered by private companies approved by Medicare. This section keeps providers up to date on the latest Medicare Advantage news that impacts Pennsylvania.</p></div>
Workers Comp You Can Use:Topics:Insurers:Workers CompWorkers Comp<div class="ExternalClassDB23ABAA095142849232586BD9751C93"><p>​Stay current on news impacting workers compensation provider fees.</p></div>
Billing and Coding You Can Use:Topics:Billing and CodingBilling and Coding<div class="ExternalClassAD72F90D87CA40FD9AF019CF0C922B4F"><p>From ICD-10 to wellness visits, PAMED's Practice Support Team saves your practice time and money with the latest information on billing and coding issues.</p></div>
General You Can Use:Topics:Billing and Coding:GeneralGeneral<div class="ExternalClass4436B86C8B7A49E79B09BB818E0AAB3A"><p>​PAMED's Practice Support Team saves you time and money with the latest information on billing and coding issues.</p></div>
Chronic Care Management You Can Use:Topics:Billing and Coding:Chronic Care ManagementChronic Care Management<div class="ExternalClassF9F4292C11DA4717AB572B010EF04B06"><p>​The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) began paying monthly reimbursements for chronic care coordination services on January 1, 2015. PAMED's Practice Support Team keeps you updated on the latest updates to billing policies regarding chronic care management.</p></div>
Incident To You Can Use:Topics:Billing and Coding:Incident ToIncident To<div class="ExternalClassD189C2C3350E450CB1B32D77B995FA51"><p>​Incident To billing is a way of billing outpatient services provided by a non-physician practitioner (NPP) such as a nurse practitioner (NP), physician assistant (PA), or other non-physician provider. PAMED's Practice Support Team keeps you updated on the latest updates to billing policies regarding Incident To billing.</p></div>
Modifiers You Can Use:Topics:Billing and Coding:ModifiersModifiers<div class="ExternalClassEF49FE5D652042C88E26BEAE0A22DDCA"><p>​A Modifier amends a service under certain circumstances for appropriate reimbursement for health care services provided to a patient. Modifiers may add information or change the description according to the physician documentation to give more specificity for the service or procedure rendered. PAMED's Practice Support Team answers member questions about a range of billing and coding questions.</p></div>
Transitional Care Management You Can Use:Topics:Billing and Coding:Transitional Care ManagementTransitional Care Management<div class="ExternalClassEC84FC9DD3DF4F04BC6E449E940A3A3F"><p>​Transitional Care Management includes services provided to a patient whose medical care requires moderate or high-complexity medical decision making during transitions in care from an inpatient hospital setting, partial hospital, observation status in a hospital, or skilled nursing facility/nursing facility, to the patient's community setting. PAMED's Practice Support Team keeps you updated on the latest updates to billing policies regarding Transitional Care Management.</p></div>
Wellness Visits You Can Use:Topics:Billing and Coding:Wellness VisitsWellness Visits<div class="ExternalClass87563B939A384CB091567E829D712336"><p>​The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is covered once every 12 months either after the first 12 months following enrollment, after their Initial Preventive Physical Exam visit, or after their previous AWV.</p></div>
Compliance You Can Use:Topics:ComplianceCompliance<div class="ExternalClass28573782E5124348A5F86279DAF6D577"><p>​There is a growing list of regulations that physicians and medical practices must know and understand. PAMED's in-house experts provide information that helps members stay compliant on everything from medical records to state child abuse reporting requirements.</p></div>
General You Can Use:Topics:Compliance:GeneralGeneral<div class="ExternalClass905F00A4684B4E578D3713F2CC35B70C"><p>​Stay informed on everything you need to stay compliant. PAMED's in-house experts provide timely information on the latest state and federal regulations impacting your practice.</p></div>
Fraud Waste & Abuse You Can Use:Topics:Compliance:Fraud Waste & AbuseFraud Waste & Abuse<div class="ExternalClass5B47CF77CC634D80A4FF48E5BEF16A3A"><p>​Decreasing spending through the elimination of fraud, waste and abuse has become a focus in health care, especially since passage of the Affordable Care Act. This section provides the latest news impacting Pennsylvania physicians and medical practices/health systems.</p></div>
OSHAOSHA<div class="ExternalClassF01A0423CC704DF0B14D24B3377B006D"><p>​With the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)to assure safe and healthful working conditions. Here is news on the latest OSHA regulations impacting Pennsylvania physicians and medical practices/health systems.</p></div>
Alternative Payment Models You Can Use:Topics:Healthcare Transformation:Alternative Payment ModelsAlternative Payment Models<div class="ExternalClass46414337103B43D19F1DA5B976E46103"><p>New payment methodologies have emerged as payers transition from fee-for-service to more value-based systems. PAMED keeps you informed on the latest news and timelines for these models to become more readily adopted.</p></div>
Compensation You Can Use:Topics:CompensationCompensation<div class="ExternalClassC66E4B1C45294312B223A3A3868230AE"><p>As a physician, your compensation or the compensation of those you manage may be tied to productivity and quality measures. Articles in this section explain how some of those measurements work.</p></div>
MACRA You Can Use:Topics:MACRAMACRA<div class="ExternalClassED6581B70D344B47B87F5791C9A9CF6C"><p>​The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) of 2015 is a new law that will gradually change the way physicians are paid under Medicare. It aligns reimbursement more closely to quality, outcomes, and cost.</p></div>
Revenue ManagementRevenue Management<div class="ExternalClass4328D3E4175B4BC5BB4DE72339876614"><p>​Owning a medical practice involves more than just taking care of patients. These articles provide tips for managing your practice's revenue stream.</p></div>
Employment Contracts You Can Use:Topics:Employment ContractsEmployment Contracts<div class="ExternalClass6605932E61BE4338AE45A9F8BA4FC14E"><p>​PAMED offers services to assist physicians with employment contracts. Download a review order form and see our informational sessions on physician contracts.</p></div>
Latest News Us:Latest NewsLatest News<div class="ExternalClass0E92793445354E24BDFCFE9CCD9829AF"><p>For more than 60 years, The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society has proudly served as the 501(c) 3 philanthropic affiliate of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.</p></div>
Educational Opportunities Us:Educational OpportunitiesEducational Opportunities<div class="ExternalClass79485D02C69A494FB87739D9916B32AB"><p>​​The Foundation has many educational offerings available to come and present on any of the following topics</p></div>
CME Offering Us:CME OfferingCME Offering<div class="ExternalClass7EB355F48D8A4BFE94E4D7A73FE958C8"><p>​​Check out the live presentations available from The Foundation for CME. Contact us for more information (717) 558-7750</p></div>
Scholarships Financial Services:ScholarshipsScholarships<div class="ExternalClassDC2C2EA1B62548CDA161A6C4BE9415A2"><p>Each year, the Foundation offers scholarships to deserving medical students. Donors may establish a scholarship in their name, in honor of a loved one, in an endowment fund, or they can contribute to an existing scholarship fund. </p><p> </p><p> <strong>Access the scholarship application and information using the links below: </strong></p><ul><li> <a href="">Allegheny County Medical Society (ACMS) Medical Student Scholarship</a><br> </li><li> <a href="">Alliance Medical Education Scholarship Fund </a> <br> </li><li> <a href="">Blair County Medical Society (BCMS) Medical Student Scholarship </a> <br> </li><li> <a href="">Endowment for South Asian Students </a> <br> </li><li> <a href="">Lehigh County Medical Auxiliary's Scholarship and Education (LeCoMASE) Fund Scholarship </a> <br> </li><li> <a href="">Lycoming County Medical Society (LCMS) Scholarship </a> <br> </li><li> <a href="">Montgomery County Medical Society (MCMS) Scholarship </a> <br> </li><li> <a href="">The Myrtle Siegfried, MD and Michael Vigilante, MD Scholarship </a> <br> </li><li> <a href="">Scott A. Gunder, MD, DCMS Presidential Scholarship </a></li></ul></div>
Services Health Program:ServicesServices<div class="ExternalClass3283FD9430614CFBAF06DC39415D4F69"><p>​​We can help. Provides support, advocacy, information, and monitored recovery services to physicians and dentists struggling with chemical, psychiatric, or physical impairments.</p></div>
HOD FAQ Meeting:House of Delegates:General InformationHOD FAQ<div class="ExternalClassD42F2561AE3D4F9EB867D8FE7F8D60B0"><p>​Navigating PAMED's House of Delegates can be a little overwhelming for many first-timers (or even some HOD veterans). Here are some tips and resources to help you settle in: </p></div>
Reference Committees Meeting:House of Delegates:Reference CommitteesReference Committees
Information Reports Meeting:House of Delegates:Information ReportsInformation Reports