2018 Could Be a Watershed Year for PAMED’s Care Centered Collaborative

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018

The Pennsylvania Medical Society’s (PAMED) Care Centered Collaborative is a strategic partner –powered by thousands of PAMED members – working with physicians and their practices to navigate and succeed amidst the value-based transition.

On Feb. 6, 2018, the Collaborative released its first-quarter report for 2018, with updates on its activities in 2017 and projections for the year to come. The report includes details such as:

  • Outreach efforts to both insurers and physician organizations—Five Pennsylvania insurers have expressed interest, once critical mass is achieved, in contracting with a PAMED-supported physician network.
  • The development of care management services, population health information technology and analytics, and integration support services.
  • A performance analysis of 2017 initiatives, including management services organization (MSO) offerings and a MIPS Reporting Solution.
  • An overview of the Collaborative’s finances.

Read the Complete Report Here

“The Collaborative’s Board of Directors and its management team believe that 2018 will be a watershed year,” the report notes.

To learn more about the Collaborative’s services offerings – including a MIPS Reporting Solution and a free, no-obligation review of your practice’s financial health – visit www.patientccc.com. You can also contact Anita Brazill at (570) 702-1152 or abrazill@patientccc.com with any questions.

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