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The Best Vehicle for Independent Physicians

By Safa Farzin, MD

Note: Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) can help medical practices thrive in the transition to value-based care, as Dr. Safa Farzin explains in this blog. Click here to learn how the Pennsylvania Medical Society's Practice Options Initiative can help medical practices join a CIN and still keep their clinical autonomy. 

Health care is consolidating. National payers are attempting to merge, and closer to home, so are health systems.

The result may be larger entities with significant leverage and influence on how health care is delivered at the local level. Hospitals are also acquiring and managing physician practices. Attrition rates for employed physicians can be as high as 50 percent every three years.

Physicians commit their careers to their practice and community, developing the types of long-lasting trusting relationships patients and doctors deserve.

Click here to learn how PAMED's Practice Options Initiative can help your medical practice succeed in value-based care

Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) and Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) provide sustainable business models to effectively engage and support independent physicians. As out-of-pocket expenses rise for our patients, both patients and employers are seeking demonstrable savings in health care.

Independent physicians are in a unique position to guide patients through a complicated health care delivery system with a focus on high-quality, low-cost care. While other larger networks are forced to refer patients strictly to their own service lines, physicians can choose services across the industry based on the highest value and patient preference.

Physicians have the greatest influence on site of medical service. It is vital that we provide our patients with the quality and price transparency they deserve.

An Independent Physician Association/Clinically Integrated Network can develop the tools and expertise our communities need to support the high value care they deserve.

About the blogger: Guest blogger Safa Farzin, MD, is a practicing critical care specialist in Dauphin County. He is a founding member and CEO of the Medical Group of Pennsylvania, a recently formed 440-member Independent Physician Association.

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