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The Power of Data and Integrated Care

By Safa Farzin, MD

Note: Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) can help medical practices thrive in the transition to value-based care, as Dr. Safa Farzin explains in this blog. Click here to learn how the Pennsylvania Medical Society's Practice Options Initiative can help medical practices join a CIN and still keep their clinical autonomy. 

As patient's out-of-pocket expenses increase, it is vital that independent physicians are able to demonstrate the high-quality, low-cost care we provide. Access to uniform, timely, and actionable data is key for independent physician success.

An important step in the evolution of an Independent Physician Association (IPA) to a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) is to meet with data analytic companies to best determine their network's data needs.

The end result will integrate disparate electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Member groups will continue to use their EMRs without change, but also have powerful population health tools at their disposal.

Click here to learn how PAMED's Practice Options Initiative can help your medical practice succeed in value-based care

Aggregating patient data allows us to identify opportunities in care for patient populations, create practice-specific workflow optimization, and enhance our ability to monitor high-risk patients.

Cost data allows the network to assist patients by providing lower-cost, high-quality alternatives for diagnostics and other services. This is particularly important as patients are increasingly responsible for higher deductibles and co-pays.

Effectively managing populations of patients is key to long-term success. An IPA/CINs data strategy will align with these goals and benefit PA consumers.

About the blogger: Guest blogger Safa Farzin, MD, is a practicing critical care specialist in Dauphin County. He is a founding member and CEO of the Medical Group of Pennsylvania, a recently formed 440-member Independent Physician Association.

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