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Home > Tools You Can Use > Topics > Insurers > Commercial Payers You Can Use:Topics:Insurers:Commercial Payers<p>PAMED is leading efforts to promote policies and processes that make sense for Pennsylvania physicians and patients. Stay up to date on news involving commercial payers.</p> to Capital Blue Cross Member ID Cards Could Impact Claims Processing<p>​Capital Blue Cross has announced that changes are coming to its BlueCard member ID cards. Here's what physicians and practices should know.<br></p> Announces It Will Not Pursue Merger with Cigna<p>National insurer Anthem announced on May 12, 2017, that it will no longer pursue a merger with Cigna. <br></p>'s Routine Immunizations Policy Changed to Reflect CDC Decision Not to Recommend Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine<p>​The CDC is not recommending the use of the nasal spray flu vaccine this 2016-2017 season due to concerns about its effectiveness. Cigna recently updated its route immunization policy to reflect this decision.<br></p> Updates Laboratory and Pathology Protocol Effective Sept. 1<p>​Beginning Sept. 1, 2016, UnitedHealthcare network physicians and other health care professionals in several states, including Pennsylvania, will be required to obtain consent from United Healthcare members before referring them to non-network laboratories and pathologists.<br></p> for Getting the Most Out of Your Payer Contracts<p>​Mary Ellen Corum, the Pennsylvania Medical Society's Director of Practice Support, provides physicians and medical practices with tips to ensure you're getting the most out of your payer contracts. This video series has two parts:</p> Locum Tenens PolicyHighmark Updates Its Locum Tenens PolicyIn February 2016, Highmark updated its locum tenens policy. The policy allows providers with established assignment accounts to use the services of locum tenens practitioners to cover for a group’s credentialed provider during a leave of absence for vacation, medical leave, military leave, or the event of retirement or death. Leap PlansAetna Introduces New Aetna Leap Plans Featuring Digital Member ID Cards In 2016, Aetna launched its new individual health insurance plans, Aetna LeapSM plans, in the Southeastern Pennsylvania market. The Leap plans feature a digital member ID card.