Value-Based Care

Home > Tools You Can Use > Topics > Healthcare Transformation > Value-Based Care You Can Use:Topics:Healthcare Transformation:Value-Based Care<p>Switching to a value-based care delivery model will take investments of your time, energy, skills development, money, and the learning of new capabilities. Stay up to date on these changes and take <a href="">PAMED's Volume to Value CME series</a>.</p> of Physicians in a Value-Based World<p>​To help Pennsylvania physicians survive and thrive in the new health care landscape, PAMED's 2016 House of Delegates passed a landmark initiative that will create clinically integrated networks (CINs) as well as a management services organization (MSO). Find out more about what CINs and MSOs can offer physicians and practices.<br></p>Physicians;#Practice Administrators;# Health Information Exchange Expands to Include Mount Nittany Exchange<p>Pennsylvania's eHealth Partnership Program continues to expand its statewide health information exchange (HIE). Learn more about the exchange and find out why it's important for practices to have an HIE strategy.<br></p> Announces Seven Sets of Quality Measures That Will Support Multi-Payer Alignment<p>The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and America’s Health Insurance Plans released, on Feb. 16, 2016, seven sets of clinical quality measures which support multi-payer alignment, for the first time, on core measures primarily for physician quality programs. The creating of core sets will provide structure during the transition to value-based care.​</p> workgroup updatePAMED a Key Stakeholder in Health Innovation in Pennsylvania<p>​The Health Information Technology work group met on Nov. 30, 2015. A diverse group of stakeholders, including PAMED, attended this session.</p>Physicians;#Practice Administrators;# to Value PreparingContinuing the Shift from Volume to Value: How Can Pennsylvania Physicians Prepare for Success?<p>We've seem signs that the transition from volume to value-based payment models are coming quicker than anticipated. Here are just a few examples.</p>Physicians;#Practice Administrators;# testingOpportunity to Earn Incentive Money as a Testing Site for Electronic Clinical Quality Measures<p>​Quality Insights of Pennsylvania is seeking providers who are willing to test electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) for possible inclusion in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS’) EHR Incentive Program. Selected practices will be eligible for an incentive payment up to $4,000; have the opportunity to directly help refine and validate eCQMs to be considered in the meaningful use program; and will receive assistance from Quality Insights in determining data availability, defining current workflow, and establishing the EHR design and the feasibility of implementing the measure.</p>