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Webinar: Reporting Options That Help You Avoid Penalties, Earn Incentives in MIPS-MACRA

      Dan Mingle, MD, is President and CEO of Mingle Analytics

June 14, 12-1 PM: Avoid Penalties, Earn Incentives in MIPS-MACRA. Click here to register

This free webinar is for medical practices personnel, practice managers, and physicians.

Learn how reporting your patient data through a proven data registry can help you avoid a penalty and possibly earn an incentive under the new MACRA law. Specialty offers for PAMED members.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email from "PAMED Webinars." Email if you need help.

Previous Webinars:

Recording from March 8, 2017 webinar  

The Pennsylvania Medical Society will highlight ways you can get more from your PAMED membership in our monthly interactive webchat. 


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