Home > Tools You Can Use > Topics > Compliance You Can Use:Topics:Compliance<p>There is a growing list of regulations that physicians and medical practices must know and understand. PAMED's in-house experts provide information that helps members stay compliant on everything from medical records to state child abuse reporting requirements.</p>


​Stay informed on everything you need to stay compliant. PAMED's in-house experts provide timely information on the latest state and federal regulations impacting your practice.

Fraud Waste & Abuse

​Decreasing spending through the elimination of fraud, waste and abuse has become a focus in health care, especially since passage of the Affordable Care Act. This section provides the latest news impacting Pennsylvania physicians and medical practices/health systems.

ID Badges

Stay compliant with Pennsylvania's ID Badge Law. These resources save you time by providing a sample ID badge and answering questions about who in your facility must wear it.

Medical Records

There are many questions about patient medical records. PAMED has prepared general legal information to help you make good decisions.