How to Use the PA PDMP to Search for Patients in Other States

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2017

A Pennsylvania Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PA PDMP) feature allows users to search for patients across state lines.

As of June 11, 2018, PA PDMP users can see if their patients have filled controlled substance prescriptions in: Connecticut; Illinois; Louisiana; Massachusetts; New Jersey; New York; Ohio; Texas; Virginia; West Virginia; Delaware; Maine; Minnesota; Oklahoma; South Carolina; and Washington D.C. A one-way sharing connection has been established with Maryland, enabling their program users to search the PA PDMP.

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The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) offers a wide variety of resources, including CME, that can help physicians and practices understand PDMP requirements.

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The PA PDMP Office shared these four steps you can use to search for patients across state lines:

  1. When creating a new Patient Rx request, a list of available states is listed on the right side of the screen.
  2. Select the states from which you wish to retrieve data.
  3. Perform a search as normal, and your Patient Rx request will be submitted to the selected states as well as the PDMP.
  4. Results from those states will be blended into the final Patient Rx report.

To search for neighboring states every time you perform a search, you can click on "User Profile" in the blue menu bar and select the option "Default PMPi States."

Keep in mind that certain users – for example, delegates, medical residents, and prescribers without DEA numbers – will not be granted access to certain states if those states do not legally permit such users to access their PDMP.

Pennsylvania's PMP Interconnect Search webpage offers details on how to search for patients across state lines. It also includes a helpful chart which outlines every state/district available via PMP Interconnect Search and whether the states allow PDMP access for specific user roles such as medical residents and prescriber's delegates.

The PA PDMP Office expects that, over the upcoming weeks, additional states will become available via the interstate data sharing feature known as PMP Interconnect Search.

If you have questions or concerns about the accuracy or completeness of data from other states, you can direct those to the appropriate state PDMP or pharmacy that submitted the data. For technical assistance or to get help with policy-related questions, visit the Pa. PDMP online here.

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