Resources and Education for Residents, Fellows, and Medical Students

  • Contract Review/Compensation Review Service― When you submit a contract to PAMED’s Physician Contract Review Service, you get a detailed review and suggestions from an experienced health care attorney to help you avoid major contracting mistakes that could haunt you for years.

  • Financial Planning Education ― Online program offers  tips to build and protect your wealth.

Rapid, radical change faces the medical profession in today’s ever-changing health care environment. But the younger generation — medical students, residents, and young/early career physicians — have the opportunity to have a voice in shaping their own futures.

PAMED’s sections for these diverse groups serve as their voice, partner, and advocate across the state. Members of the sections are engaged and involved in PAMED initiatives and policymaking.

Medical Student Section

PAMED’s Medical Student Section (MSS) provides a forum for Pennsylvania medical students to express their concerns and work together on solutions to common problems. The MSS is a resource for information and education and provides direct access to the policymaking bodies of PAMED and the American Medical Association.

Student members have an opportunity to apply for scholarships. See full list of possible student scholarships.

Learn about opportunities for low-interest loans through the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

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Resident and Fellow Section

   Want to get involved in the PAMED’s Resident and Fellow Section (RFS)? You can:

  • Show off your research in the poster contest at PAMED's annual House of Delegates meeting.
  • Meet fellow residents experiencing the same challenges by attending the annual RFS meeting.
  • Join the RFS Governing Council and make a difference on your future in medicine,
  • Add your voice to our advocacy efforts by attending our Advocacy Day at the Capitol. Speak up on issues that are important to you, such as increasing funding for training programs for medical students and residents and increasing available funding for loan forgiveness for new physicians who want to practice in underserved areas.
  • Get valuable tools and resources on contract reviews and restricted covenants.

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Resident/Fellow Section Governing Council

Early Career Physicians Section

PAMED’s Early Career Physicians Section (ECP) is the voice of young physicians in the state. Its purpose is to increase involvement of young physicians in organized medicine and provide a direct means for young physician members to participate in Society activities and policymaking.

The ECP offers a great opportunity for grassroots physicians to raise matters of personal importance, and works on young physicians' behalf, keeping their point of view at the forefront.

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International Medical Graduates Section

The International Medical Graduates (IMG) Section was formed to provide increased IMG involvement in PAMED and local county medical societies. By joining PAMED, IMGs link forces with colleagues throughout Pennsylvania to strengthen the voice of medicine on behalf of patients and physicians.

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