PAMED Community Care Grant

A grant designed to provide funding to PAMED Member physicians not affiliated with a hospital or health system with the goal of improving health care and health care access within the community.


Who is eligible to apply?

Physicians who are paid Members of the Pennsylvania Medical Society for 2021 and are not affiliated with a health system or hospital, or are working in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), are eligible to apply.
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What is the grant to be used for?

The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED), through a Community Health Reinvestment grant from Highmark, Inc is making funding available for independent physicians to support services and projects that improve health care and make health care more accessible.

The PAMED Community Care Grant is not competitive. Funding will be awarded on a first come, first served basis to those applicants that meet the required criteria.

Grant funds can be used for activities and services in the following areas:

  • Health care services for persons who are uninsured or unable to pay for services;
  • Programs for the prevention and treatment of disease or injury, including but not limited to mental retardation, mental disorders, mental health counseling or the promotion of health or wellness; and
  • Other services or programs, including but not limited to health or mental health services for veterans, and the prevention of other conditions, behaviors or activities that are adverse to good health or for the benefit of health care providers in furtherance of any of the foregoing purposes.
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What is the amount of the grant?

  • $15,000 for a primary care applicant
  • $10,000 for a non-primary care applicant
  • One person may apply on behalf of several physicians within a practice (please note the attestation requirements). Each practice may receive up to $75,000 (depending on how many physicians are applying).
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What information will I need to have available when I/my practice applies?

  • PAMED Member #
  • Group/Practice/Individual NPI #
  • Federal Tax ID #
  • Business Name Affiliated with Tax ID:
  • Patient Population Served
  • Physician License #
  • W-9 Form

Watch our walkthrough video to see the application process.

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Attestation Requirements

Applicants will need to attest the accuracy of the information entered and their agreement to adhere to the grant’s requirements. The person submitting the application will either need to have the authority to act on behalf of all the applicants or will need to print this form, obtain all appropriate signatures and attestations, and upload as part of the application.
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If you have questions or wish to discuss the grant further, contact

How do I find out what my PAMED membership account number is?

If you do not know your membership number, please send the names and birthdates of the physicians you’re inquiring about to to obtain the numbers.

Watch the video below to walkthrough the application submission process: 


PAMED Community Care Grant

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Deadline to Apply: June 1, 2021

Ready to get started?

Don't Forget

Deadline to Apply: June 1, 2021