Women Physicians Section 

The Women Physicians Section (WPS) was created by the PAMED House of Delegates in October 2018 to encourage women physicians to participate in leadership, policymaking, advocacy, and other activities of PAMED. Prior to becoming an official Section, it was known as the Women Physicians Caucus.

The goals of the WPS are to create a forum for members to:

  • Learn about effective networking
  • Voice concerns and share common experiences
  • Educate and encourage paths to leadership roles in organized and academic medicine
  • Establish a network of women physician leaders
  • Advocate to advance PAMED policy on issues affecting women as well as advise the PAMED Board on such issues

An Opportunity to Lead

The PAMED WPS Section Board Trustee, District Representatives (click here to see districts by county), Governing Council Chair, and Governing Council Vice Chair positions are now open. If you are interested and eligible for any of these positions, please complete this nomination form by Friday, March 29. If you know of someone else who may be interested and is eligible, that person should complete this form on their own behalf.

Complete the Nomination Form  


Candidate information will then be sent to all WPS members, who will vote for these positions. Those elected will serve until the Section meets and holds elections at the 2019 House of Delegates in October. The WPS Trustee nominee will go to the PAMED Board for appointment when it meets on April 30.

Position Descriptions & Eligibility Requirements

  • WPS Board Trustee: Participates in Board of Trustee meetings and advises the Section's Governing Council. Learn more about trustee duties and responsibilities here. The Trustee may not serve as a delegate of the PAMED House of Delegates. 
  • Chair: Presides over Governing Council meetings, assigns tasks to Governing Council members, and oversees reports to the Board of Trustees.
  • Vice Chair: Chairs Governing Council meetings in the absence of the chair and coordinates programs and projects as assigned.
  • District Representatives: Assists with advancing the goals and objectives of the WPS and serves as the "WPS Champion" and the Section's liaison in their region

According to the PAMED bylaws, Section leaders must be active or associate members in good standing of the Society.

If you have any questions about serving on the PAMED Board of Trustees, please contact Susan Ray at sray@pamedsoc.org.

If you have any questions about the WPS, please contact Robin Rothermel at rrothermel@pamedsoc.org.

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