The Alliance

The Pennsylvania Medical Society Alliance is the volunteer voice of the family of medicine, dedicated to healthy communities and the preservation of the doctor-patient relationship.

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Contact Us: 
Robbi-Ann Cook, Executive Director 
777 East Park Drive 
PO Box 8820 
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8820 
Phone: (717) 558-7750, ext. 1503 
Fax: (717) 558-7841 


lifelinespring2018Read Lifeline, our new quarterly e-newsletter that updates members on activities at the state and county alliance levels.


Alliance HOD Information 
  • Is your spouse looking for something fun and exciting to do? The Pennsylvania Medical Society Alliance invite spouses to their Annual Meeting being held Oct. 27 during PAMED's House of Delegates. Learn more and register.
  • The Presidential Inaugural will include a silent auction to raise money for the Alliance Medical Education Scholarship (AMES) Fund. Donate auction items will support the AMES Fund. Members wishing to donate an item should email Caryl Schmitz at by Oct. 20 and provide the item description and value. Items for the auction can be dropped off at the Alliance Registration Table on Saturday, Oct. 27 by noon. Members wishing to donate financial support can send their payments to Jill Bennish (checks made payable to AMES). If you wish to use a credit card, call Jill Bennish at (717) 909-2679.

Spring 2018 Physician Family Magazine
focused on Mentoring Available Now


The Spring 2018 issue of Physician Family is focused on Mentoring. We find mentors in the most unexpected places. Sometimes, we don't even realize we're being mentored until years later, when we realize just how much impact certain people had on our personal or professional lives.

Spring 2018 Edition of Physician Family - Mentoring

Winter 2018 Physician Family Magazine focused
on Medical Marriage Available Now


The Winter 2018 issue of Physician Family is focused on Medical Marriage. While the theme of this issue is "medical marriage", we recognize that not all physician families wear wedding rings. A recurring theme is this - a successful marriage requires TEAMWORK.

Winter 2018 Edition of Physician Family - Medical Marriage