Sept. 6 - PAMED Delegate eNewsletter

Last Updated: Sep 6, 2019


The 2019 House of Delegates (HOD) is less than 2 months away. Here's some important information for delegates:

Resolutions Posted


  • 2019 Resolutions have been posted to the HOD website at
  • As you might have noticed, resolution submission for the 2019 HOD was earlier than in years past in order to have these resolutions now available for your thoughtful review and discussion well in advance of the HOD. Many counties and delegates previously requested earlier distribution of these resolutions, and our 2018 HOD asked that supporting resolution materials also be shared in advance. Additional background materials and references for these resolutions will be posted as they become available, with the goal of having the bulk of the information online by Thursday, Sept. 26.
  • Endorsements may be optionally attached to a resolution and can be added to (or removed from) resolutions that were previously submitted in a timely manner before Thursday, Sept. 26 (30 days before the opening session of the HOD). Endorsements can be added thereafter with Reference Committee testimony at the HOD. If desired, an endorsing county, specialty, or section president or secretary can submit their endorsement to a resolution to Ellen Yasinski via email ( It is incumbent upon the resolution author(s) to properly seek desired endorsement(s) from any entity and represent those endorsements accurately to the House.
  • We are pleased that our talented PAMED staff was able to share these resolutions much earlier this year to allow preparation for your deliberations. Resolutions submitted after the above dates but before Thursday, Sept. 26 (30 days before the opening session of the HOD) may also be included in the Official Reports Book (ORB) subject to approval of the Speakers in the proper format with complete supporting documents, relevance, and fiscal notes. Resolutions submitted thereafter addressing urgent issues to our Pennsylvania physicians can be advanced for consideration as Late Resolutions. Sections that meet before the House may submit their resolutions immediately after meeting; however, the Speakers request that these sections also submit known resolutions in advance to allow similar thorough preparation for our delegates. Please contact Ellen Yasinski ( with any questions about the resolution submission process.

HOD Registration


  • Please register here no later than Oct. 13. In the past, there has been some confusion about which Registration Type to select. As delegates/alternate delegates, you'll select the Delegate/Alternate Delegate Registration Type.

    Note: If this email has been forwarded to you or you otherwise received this email and you have not been identified by your county, specialty, or section as a delegate/alternate delegate, please do not select the Delegate/Alternate Delegate Registration Type, and instead select the appropriate Registration Type.


Hotel Reservation Deadline Sept 24


  • While the deadline to make your hotel reservation at the Hershey Lodge is Sept. 24, we encourage you to book your room as soon as possible to ensure you get a room if needed. Reserve your room here.


Informational Listening Sessions


  • PAMED will be holding two statewide informational listening sessions on Wednesday, Oct. 9 and Thursday, Oct. 10, 7-9 PM. These will be the same session offered on two different dates:

    Register here for Oct. 9

    Register here for Oct. 10
  • These sessions will provide an opportunity for all district trustees, delegates/alternate delegates, and county medical society/specialty society/section leaders and staff to review the submitted resolutions in preparation for the HOD. PAMED staff will provide a brief review of each of the resolutions.
  • NOTE: Any region, specialty, or section that wishes to further prepare or caucus will need to make their own specific arrangements independently.

Support the Foundation and PAMPAC


  • Support the Heart of PAMED: There are many ways you can make an impact by supporting the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, which provides programs and services for individual physicians and others that improve the well-being of Pennsylvanians and sustain the future of medicine. You can donate online and choose where to designate your gift or donate straight from your phone by texting the word HEART to 56512 with your name and donation amount. As PAMED leaders, our support for this tradition of physicians helping physicians is vital to our profession. Don't forget to stop by the Foundation exhibit table while you're at the HOD. Learn more
  • Support the Muscle of PAMED: Make sure you're a PAMPAC member and join us at the PAMPAC Member Reception on Friday evening, Oct. 25. Not yet a PAMPAC member? Make sure your thoughtful advancement of PAMED policy has the power to make a difference in Harrisburg and Washington. There is strength in numbers! Learn more and add your voice.

Sincere thanks to the authors, counties, and specialties for your tremendous cooperation improving the resolution process this year and the policy topics for our 2019 HOD. These process changes allow PAMED to have the best information for you as delegates as they determine the future priorities for Pennsylvania medicine in 2020 and beyond.

We look forward to seeing you at the HOD in October! Thank you for your commitment to the physicians and patients of Pennsylvania.

Your Speakers,
John J. Pagan, MD
John W. Spurlock, MD
(This email was originally sent to all PAMED Delegates on Sept. 6) 


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