Information on Pa. State Police and AMA Firearm Safety Materials

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Gun-SafetyPolicy passed at the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s (PAMED) October 2018 House of Delegates called on PAMED to provide physicians with educational materials on firearm safety and explore partnerships with other stakeholders to deliver such resources.

Check out the resources and education below that can help physicians discuss firearm safety with patients.

Pa. State Police Firearm Safety Materials

The Pennsylvania State Police’s Firearms Division has developed extensive informational materials on firearm safety.

The Firearms Division works within the State Police’s Bureau of Records and Identification and operates the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS), which is used by firearms dealers to verify an applicant’s eligibility to legally purchase a firearm in Pennsylvania. The Firearms Division also maintains records related to firearm licensing and transfers.

The Firearms Division has published an informational guide outlining basic firearm safety. This guide includes information on basic firearm safety as well as firearm safety in relation to children. Page 1 of this guide is available here and page 2 is available here.

Additional information regarding firearm safety and regulation, including the State Police’s Annual Firearms Reports, in Pennsylvania can be accessed through the Firearms Division’s webpage.

AMA Free CME Module on Firearm Safety

The American Medical Association (AMA) has developed an educational module on the Physician’s Role in Promoting Firearm Safety. CME credit is available with this module.

The module discusses how to counsel patients at high-risk of firearm injuries. This includes patients who have expressed suicidal tendencies and parents in a pediatric setting.

Get CME 

The module is free and available to both AMA members and non-members. A free AMA online account though must be created to access the module.

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