The Practitioner Registry for Pa.’s Medical Marijuana Program: 6 Key Details

Last Updated: Oct 1, 2018

medical-marijuana-pillsPennsylvania's medical marijuana law mandates the creation of a practitioner registry for physicians who wish to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program and certify patients for medical marijuana eligibility. A practitioner registry is available online for physicians to submit their names to be considered for the Program.

Physicians should be aware that participation in the Medical Marijuana Program is voluntary. And, physicians who do choose to participate can opt out of having their names included in the public list of approved practitioners.

Here are 6 things to know about the registry, including what physicians need to do to qualify for the medical marijuana program and how to opt out of the public list of practitioners:

  1. Applying for the Practitioner Registry—Physicians who wish to participate must apply via this online Practitioner Registry application. Although a physician will be required to provide details such as date of birth and email address when registering, only the physician's name, business address, and medical credentials will be made publicly available in the practitioner registry.

  2. Training Requirements—To become recommending practitioners, physicians must complete a four-hour training course approved by DOH. Physicians can submit their registry application first and then work to complete the training requirement.

  3. Medical Marijuana Training Providers—DOH offers a list of educational providers it has approved to provide medical marijuana training here. Once a physician has completed an approved course, the Office of Medical Marijuana will receive notification of course completion directly from the training provider selected by the physician during their registration.

  4. More on the Practitioner Registration Process—Once a physician has registered and completes the required four-hour training course, the Office of Medical Marijuana anticipates notifying the registered physician of their status within 5-10 days. The physician will be notified using the contact information provided by the physician via the registry, most likely via the email address supplied by the physician. Physician who need assistance with the registration process can contact the Medical Marijuana Program's Helpdesk at 888-733-5595.

  5. Practitioner Registry Data—A publicly-available list of approved practitioners who have successfully completed practitioner registration and the required training is available online here. The public list of practitioners is updated and published at least every 30 days, typically at the end of the month. Note that physicians do have the option to opt out of the public registry. 

  6. Opting Out of the Public Practitioner List – DOH has shared the following details about the opt-out process with the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED):
  • Newly Approved Practitioners: Physicians who are newly approved to participate in the program will receive a welcome email from DOH which asks physicians, prior to their being posted on the list for the first time, whether they wish to opt out from being included on the public list.
  • Practitioners Who Are Already Approved and on the Public List: To submit a request to be removed from the public list, physicians can email the medical marijuana program office at or call (717) 547-3047.

DOH offers more information on the medical marijuana program online here.

PAMED members can also find fact sheets and FAQs on medical marijuana, including details on temporary regulations for physicians, at

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