Home > Learn & Lead > Topics > General & Lead:Topics:GeneralGet timely, topical CME for your patient safety and risk management CME requirements. Plus, find education you can use to navigate the challenges of your business, practice, and life of medicine. Issues with Medical License Renewal<p>​PAMED was made aware that there may be issues with processing your payment if you renew your medical license using a Mac or other Mac-OS based computer, tablet, or mobile device. <br></p> Earning Patient Safety and Risk Management CME Simple with CME Consult<p>​CME Consult will be published annually every fall. Each edition is free for members and will include articles, case studies, practice assessments and action plans, and related tools and resources you can use in your daily practice.</p>Physicians;#’s Your Comfort Level with Opioid and Controlled Substance Prescribing? New Education Program Offers Solutions<p>Lifeguard, a program of the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, now offers a Controlled Substance and Opioid Prescribing course led by Penn Medicine faculty. The course takes a hands-on, active educational approach.<br></p>​CME Tracker FAQ<p>​Learn how to use CME Tracker.</p> CME requirementsFAQ: State CME Licensure Requirements for MDs Find answers to FAQs, including links to a variety of free online CME activities for PAMED members.Physicians;# CME requirementsFAQ: State CME Licensure Requirements for DOs​Find answers to FAQs, including links to a variety of free online CME activities for PAMED members.Physicians;# Renewing Your Medical License<p>​Learn more about renewing your MD or DO license in Pennsylvania.</p>Physicians;# requirementsFAQ: Pennsylvania Medical Society CME Certificate RequirementsFrequently asked questions about the requirements to qualify for a Pennsylvania Medical Society's CME certificatePhysicians;# How to Meet Requirements for Providing Commercial Driver Physicals<p>PAMED offers training to members and non-members to perform physical exams for interstate commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, a requirement that went into effect May 1, 2014.</p>Physicians;# Advocacy Basics (CME)<p>​<span style="font:14px/22.4px "open sans", "segoe ui", calibri, sans-serif;color:#333333;text-transform:none;text-indent:0px;letter-spacing:normal;word-spacing:0px;float:none;white-space:normal;font-size-adjust:none;font-stretch:normal;background-color:#ffffff;">Do you want non-physician legislators making critical decisions about how you treat your patients? Like it or not, they do. You can influence those decisions by becoming an effective advocate.</span></p>Physicians;#Residents/Fellows;#Medical Students;#Members Only;# Concussion CME Available for Pennsylvania PhysiciansThe ConcussionWise™ DR program for physicians, accredited for CME by PAMED, is an online education initiative to provide all Pennsylvania physicians with culturally competent, skills-based traumatic brain injury education and ensure they are knowledgeable on current peer-reviewed research.Physicians;#